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If some images or informations are missing for the film covers of Jurassic World, you can modify the movie Jurassic World, or ask it in the forums.

The covers of Jurassic World are in PDF format. It's free !

If you don't have yet Acrobat Reader, you can download it here.

Tips :
- If after printing the cover is a bit small, check your printer parameters. Acrobat must not resize the page, or modify margins.
For example the option "Page scaling" must be "None".

Reminder : the covers displayed and printable here are meant to replace damaged covers, or for a legal copy of the movie, or for movies recorded from TV. The covers are protected by copyright by their owners, and stored on other sites. We encourage you to download movies or use streaming from legal websites.

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Cover format (in milimeters):

Wich title to diplay :
Original titleJurassic World
English titleJurassic World

If the title is on lower side of the image, you can check this box to move up the image
Move up the cover :
For CDs reduce the poster

Covers :
>poster  Jurassic World 500998 >poster  Jurassic World 500997 >poster  Jurassic World 500996 >poster  Jurassic World 500995 
>poster  Jurassic World 500994 >poster  Jurassic World 500574 >poster  Jurassic World 500549 >poster  Jurassic World 500548 
>poster  Jurassic World 500547 >poster  Jurassic World 500546 >poster  Jurassic World 500545 >poster  Jurassic World 500544 
>poster  Jurassic World 500543 >poster  Jurassic World 500542 >poster  Jurassic World 500541 >poster  Jurassic World 500540 
>poster  Jurassic World 500539 >poster  Jurassic World 500538 >poster  Jurassic World 500537 >poster  Jurassic World 499780 
>poster  Jurassic World 499779 >poster  Jurassic World 499778 >poster  Jurassic World 490266 >poster  Jurassic World 485244 
>poster  Jurassic World 481426 >poster  Jurassic World 467732 >> Title at center

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Header label :

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Jurassic World Jurassic World
Jurassic World
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