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Directed by
in 2010

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Titre originalYOUR HIGHNESS
Other titles Canada : Son Altesse
FormatsCouleur -  DTS | Dolby Digital | SDDS Color Color Aspect Ratio 2.35 : 1 Camera Panavision Panaflex Millennium XL2, Panavision E-, G-Series and ATZ Lenses Laboratory Technicolor Digital Intermediates (digital intermediate) (as Technicolor) Film Length 2 782 m (Spain) 2 827 m (Portugal, 35 mm)
Public Tous Publics
Twitter @UniversalFR
ProducersScott STUBER
Produced byUniversal Pictures, Stuber Productions
DistributorsFrance :Universal Pictures International France, Universal Pictures France
PhotographyTim ORR, Format/Ratio : scope 2.35:1
Music ComposerSteve JABLONSKY
EditingCraig ALPERT
Special effectsHerbert BLANK, Wolfgang HIGLER, Framestore, Robert DUNCAN, Bernd RAUTENBERG, Gerd FEUCHTER
Set decoratorDominic CAPON, Stuart ROSE
Costumes Hazel WEBB-CROZIER

Actors / Actresses
(Thadeous), (Fabious), (Courtney), (Isabel), (Julie), (Leezar), (Belladonna), (Roi Tallious), (Boremont), Simon FARNABY (Manious le gras), Deobia OPAREI (Thundarian), B.J. HOGG (Conseiller royal), Matyelok GIBBS (Mère), Angela PLEASENCE (Mère), Anna BARRY (Mère), Amber ANDERSON (Pucelle), Stuart LOVERIDGE (Prisonnier maigrelet), John FRICKER (Marteetee), Rupert DAVIS (Second chevalier), Julian RHIND-TUTT (Warlock), Mario TORRES Jr. (Great Wize Wizard), Noah HUNTLEY (Head Knight), Ben WRIGHT (Poltron), Susie Kelly (Sorcière à capuche), Roma Tomelty (Sorcière à capuche), Brigid Erin Bates (Sorcière à capuche), Eilish Doran (Sorcière à capuche), Rene Greig (Sorcière à capuche), Kiran SHAH (Tiniest One), Simon COHEN (Le barbare), Graham HUGHES (roi nain), Zhaidarbek Kunguzhinov (Frère Mein), Nurlan Altaev (Frère Mein), David GARRICK (Daronius le Rapide), Caroline GRACE-CASSIDY (Servante), Elle Liberachi (Demoiselle d'honneur), Dorian Dixon (Troll), Darren Thompson (Troll), David Thompson (Troll), Brian STEELE (Minotaure), Ben WILLBOND (Garde forestier), Phil Holden (Bourreau nain), Chris BURKE (Homme nain), Sinead Burke (Femme naine), Tobias Winter (Timotay maître de cachot), Paige Tyler (Beauté pelée pâle), Rhian Sugden (Femme forestière), Amii Grove (Femme forestière), Madison Welch (Femme forestière), Eva WYRWAL (Regina) 
Year in 2010
Release dates United States : 08/04/2011
France : 07/09/2011
Belgium : 26/10/2011
CountriesUnited States
Duration 01 h 42

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Poster YOUR HIGHNESS 354997 
poster  YOUR HIGHNESS 355013 
poster  YOUR HIGHNESS 339284 
Poster YOUR HIGHNESS 344585 
poster  YOUR HIGHNESS 344583 
poster  YOUR HIGHNESS 344584 

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Videos / Sounds

YOUR HIGHNESS : image 386486  
YOUR HIGHNESS : image 563734  
YOUR HIGHNESS : image 563733  
YOUR HIGHNESS : image 563732  
YOUR HIGHNESS : image 563731  
YOUR HIGHNESS : image 563730  
YOUR HIGHNESS : image 563729  
YOUR HIGHNESS : image 563728  
YOUR HIGHNESS : image 386495  
YOUR HIGHNESS : image 386494  
YOUR HIGHNESS : image 386493  
YOUR HIGHNESS : image 386492  

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