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Pan's Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth

Directed by
in 2006

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Pan's Labyrinth :
Titre originalPan's Labyrinth
Public Interdit au moins de 12 ans
ProducersFrida TORRESBLANCO, Guillermo DEL TORO, Álvaro AUGUSTÍN, Bertha NAVARRO
Produced byTelecinco
PhotographyGuillermo NAVARRO
Music Composer
Special effectsEverett BURRELL, CafeFX, David MARTÍ, Reyes ABADES, Emilio Ruiz Del RIO, Montse RIBÉ, Edward IRASTORZA
Set decorator
Costumes Lala HUETE
 Photo de Pan's Labyrinth

Actors / Actresses
Year in 2006
Release dates France : 01/11/2006
Canada : 19/01/2007
France : 03/07/2007 (en DVD)
France : 01/01/2008 (en DVD)
France : 15/04/2009 (en Blu-ray)
Duration 01 h 58
01 h 52 (version canadienne (toronto))
02 h 00 (version finlandaise)

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Poster Pan's Labyrinth 12068 
poster  Pan's Labyrinth 159071 
poster  Pan's Labyrinth 159070 
Poster Pan's Labyrinth 159069 
poster  Pan's Labyrinth 159068 
poster  Pan's Labyrinth 159067 
Poster Pan's Labyrinth 159066 
poster  Pan's Labyrinth 159065 

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wallpaper  Pan's Labyrinth 390445 
wallpaper  Pan's Labyrinth 390444 
wallpaper  Pan's Labyrinth 279212 
wallpaper  Pan's Labyrinth 279211 
wallpaper  Pan's Labyrinth 279210 
wallpaper  Pan's Labyrinth 20343 
wallpaper  Pan's Labyrinth 20344 
wallpaper  Pan's Labyrinth 20345 
wallpaper  Pan's Labyrinth 20346 
wallpaper  Pan's Labyrinth 390447 

Videos / Sounds

Le Labyrinthe de Pan - Bande annonce Francais par Hugo-S
Pan's Labyrinth : image 60895  
Pan's Labyrinth : image 159050  
Pan's Labyrinth : image 159051  
Pan's Labyrinth : image 159052  
Pan's Labyrinth : image 159053  
Pan's Labyrinth : image 159055  
Pan's Labyrinth : image 159060  
Pan's Labyrinth : image 159062  
Pan's Labyrinth : image 159063  
Pan's Labyrinth : image 159049  
Pan's Labyrinth : image 159048  
Pan's Labyrinth : image 159047  

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