The First Purge
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The First Purge

The First Purgenote


Directed by
in 2018

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07/06/2018      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 07/06/2018 Rating : note
It is not really the following of the first three parts, it is rather the original name First purge in the US and the experience is attempted in a neighborhood of New York.
As the crime rate is steadily increasing, the government wants to try the purge experience in a neighborhood that is mostly African-American in an area of ​​New York, an island to be more precise and that can be isolated from the rest. of the city during the experience, then the inhabitants of the neighborhood that remains on the spot already receives a bonus of $ 1000 and more if they have the courage to go out and bring new experience, for that they get them contact lenses that are actually micro-cameras in direct contact with a control room and monitoring. We hope with that to lower the crime rate below 1%. The young Isaiah wants to have his autonomy and earn money quite easily, he has connected with dealers, but he will meet Skeletor, the skyzo of the neighborhood who seeks to be given a free dose but Isaiah refuses, so Skeletor pulls out a cutter and cuts his neck before fleeing. The young man goes to his house and he tries to hide that from his older sister who has noticed his ride and makes him talk, she orders his younger brother to leave the neighborhood before the start of the purge, as to She goes to see Dmitri, the godfather of the neighborhood, whom she knows very well to order her not to use her brother as a dealer. The young Isaiah will not leave the neighborhood, he wants to earn a maximum of money and when the siren announces the beginning of the purge, he is outside, he put the contact lens that gives him a scary look and he is armed , his goal is to find Skeletor to take revenge for the public humiliation he suffered ...
If the first three episodes were fictions, one wonders for this one with this change of president if it is not a premonition, one can be afraid of it. As in many saga, it is a prequel, it is a bit of a fashion and it tries to explain the genesis of history. We will learn that the experience will be tried in a small space before being generalized throughout the country and that the inhabitants are paid to stay in place and not try to escape the experience and the sum can become a little coquette if they participate actively in the experiment. Apart from a few completely crazy people who want to enter the game, people know each other and do not intend to kill each other. We will set aside a competing band that wants to keep the monopoly on the sale of drugs. By cons the experience will quickly turn to horror for reasons that will not be mentioned not to deflower the suspense. We will quickly move towards an Oradour-sur-Glane or a Sabra and Shatila and it even impossible that it all escapes the government that runs the experiment and it seems so little credible. I say that but with my European spirit and I'm not sure I understand the one from across the Atlantic. Well, we will still admit that the episode and quite captivating and taking, apart from a few young foolish spectators who have kept their smartphone on throughout the film proving that he did not follow the same way. history, I confess that the idea of ​​purging me touched the mind a moment.
07/20/2018      partager tweet



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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 07/09/2018 Rating : note
Five years after the first installment of the franchise, America plunges into chaos with this fourth part that serves as a prequel to the other three.
This one proposes a different orientation of the usual theme, a more political orientation, more societal. For my part I saw the current America and what it could become in the near future. But suddenly we are far from other opus and we find ourselves before a banal action movie where black and poor are the main target of racists and politicians ...
There are still some moments of anguish and tension but we are far from being in front of a horror movie ... Too bad!
The cast will not change much unfortunately.
A TV series, is announced for September in the US. The vein is still not exhausted, but it should perhaps be a purge to stop this franchise?
07/22/2018      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note note has seen the movie in a theater on the 07/14/2018 Rating : note
The idea of ​​refocusing fully on the origins of the purge was more than interesting. Anyway, this film very quickly fell into the caricature of stereotypes and clichés, portraying the black man as a poor man or a gang member but with good moral values, and the white man as a ruthless rich man in a suit who controls the system and wants to eliminate the "parasites" of society. Instead of focusing on the economic, psychological, social or other origins of the purge, a few scenes of commonplace actions come to flesh out a film that awkwardly surfs community tensions in the United States and draws a distressing opposition between the two. white man and black man. The episode too much to forget very quickly, hoping that the series will bring its share of answers to the origins of the Purge ;-)
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