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in 2018

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12/25/2018      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma

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note have seen the movie in VOD on the 12/24/2018 Rating : note
A very good movie with good acting as much for professionals as for children a beautiful discovery taking us breathless all along and resembling Room (2015) in its staging
12/29/2018      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note have seen the movie in VOD on the 12/29/2018 Rating : note
The suspense is complete from beginning to end ... but that leaves us on our hunger. In fact, apart from an evil threat, we do not really know what it is? But, the tension is palpable and we play in the game with Sandra BULLOCK who had not used us to play in this kind of film, but which is excellent as usual. By cons, I was not surprised to find John MALKOVICH, it suits him well this type of character!
01/06/2019      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen on TV on the 01/02/2019 Rating : note
Susanne Blier, a Danish director of Brothers and After the Wedding, does better when she remains free of her works. After trying out the series with The Night Manager, adaptation of the book of John the Square, she tries the horror film, Bird Box Josh Maleman.

Apart from the report to the film Phenomena and this apocalypse worthy of The War of the Worlds of Spielberg, we quickly think of the recent Without a sound, where to survive it was necessary to be silent, even if ... And to note the little originality of these new Netflix productions.
And in the revisiting of the successful genre, we therefore think of the beginning of Night Shyamalan, between fantasy and drama, rather intimate, opting especially in Sixth sense, for a psychological aspect that brought matter to the supernatural with the character Bruce Willis falling free. Sandra Bullock, in this extraordinary situation, must also try to find herself.

In a quest for survival, Malorie must flee with her children to a shelter, isolated from evil, but where this journey of several days will be blindfolded, following the course of a river, source of all dangers . And yet this frantic race and blind, we will not see much precisely. Neither will we feel anguish about such a situation and all the strength necessary to continue sailing by sight. Most of the time, before the escape, we will be in a house, precarious refuge of a group of people surprised by the catastrophe like Frank Darabont's The Mise. Nothing will be explained to us and the scenario constantly evades what could give material to the story, and real shivers, especially by the coming of some aggressive as much, as inspired by the evil prowling, already mad they are immune to suicide and force those they meet to remove their blindfold, or that invisible threat whose bloodthirsty will and its noisy shadow can be seen hovering around.

However, this apocalyptic plot remains immersive in its opening and starts on the run of the wheels, but the filmmaker and her scriptwriter, wanting to tackle several themes at the same time, end up getting entangled in an agreed product, with multiple references, without soul, without originality, without rhythm, mixing temporalities and effectively cutting off all the tension of a good survival in real time by his multiple flashback, to tell us Malorie. The expected suspense facing the unknown finally fails by his lack of writing. Opting for the off-field, the anxiety atmosphere comes down to a drifting boat and clashing with some nice rapids.

The desired complexity of the relationship in the pregnant mother and then the one with two children in her luggage to survive is lost in the themes of our modern society and the news of America Trump, where we do not understand at all what is the will of the filmmaker who delivers ineffectual and contradictory dialogues, cliché and unimpressive characters, a John Malkovich who is no longer the one he was, and a Sandra Bullock who, despite a few bursts, will show us very little varied expression to convince us.

Not to mention the birds in their box, title of the film, who accompany our heroine and who chirps when they smell the threat for a final journey through the forest towards the safe refuge, path accompanied by chirping birds ... going crescendo!
The very idea of ​​the blindfold in view of the evil force that warns of its arrival remains useless most of the time.

Yet this is the curiosity, I followed with pleasure the few moments outside, the filmmaker manages to make the tension of a flight forward brave all helped with the soundtrack of Trent Reznor, the leader of Nine Inch Nails, even if the will of the easy emotion, by the characters of the children pushed still a little the cork. It's a shame because by climbing a little more the cursor, heading towards something a little more oppressive, we could have had a film that could have taken a little more guts ;-)
02/08/2019      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note have seen the movie on the 02/05/2019 Rating : note
Bird Box directed by Susanne BIER, to whom we owe "After the wedding" or the excellent "Love is all you need" with Pierce Brosnan.
Sandra Bullock and John Malkovich .. Netflix production and it's a shame, this film deserves a "screen" worthy of the name!
Film presented in the category "horror-terror" ... wrongly, one wonders moreover what these two formidable actors would have been doing in this genre ..
No, not at all, on the poster, you can read: "do not open your eyes". In fact, the need, the willingness to open your eyes to see what is really happening, condemns those who will!
The fight between good and evil has always been a recipe for movies ... The Star Wars, using black and white, as the film to his creation "mute" with a son of "Sheik" all dressed in white wrestling against a villain dressed in black!
Here is a mother wanting to protect her children from the outside world. Will the natural curiosity of a child to look at what is forbidden be stronger than authority?
So, if after reading this, if you have the opportunity to see this movie, (DVD on its release for example) go there, and like me, compared to the media ads asking not to scare children, show them this film because their vision is pure and they will come to understand what many people will not have perceived!
The education ... proposed by various ministers with great reforms has brought only a regression necessary to safeguard a well-established system that does not allow, just to open our eyes to the world they have made!
Suzanne Bier, should I say this for moviegoers? is a discovery of the festival "" Sundance "" ... we are far from the "" Weinstein Productions "touching programmed to feed the" "ALL HOLLYWOOD" "..
When to our Country of FREEDOM .. hush, silence, do not schedule this futuristic film so close to reality ..contentons us to distribute it to privileged! Bird Box (2018)
05/13/2019      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the movie in a theater on Netflix on the 05/13/2019 Rating : note
I was looking for a metaphysical explanation to these monsters but one of the characters in the movie that was interested in the issue was quickly swept away by the director. The answer is much simpler and crystal clear, Sandra Bullock brings her faith and talent and I am left for a few hours of reflection after watching.
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