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Bohemian Rhapsody

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in 2017

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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 10/31/2018 Rating : note
The title of the film is named after Queen's iconic song "Bohemian Rhapsody". Emblematic because hybrid and even multifaceted as Brian May (Gwilym LEE) says in the movie. Like the 4 members of the band and the exploded identity of her singer, she mixes 4 styles: stroll, rock, opera and hard-rock for an unusual result that gave them a hard time to achieve their ends: to make a planetary tube.

In fact, the first merit of this biopic is to give a great place to the music of the group whose rediscovering power and flamboyance are rediscovered. Thanks to the involvement of Roger Taylor and Brian May on the film, we are witnessing the genesis of several titles (the guitar riff of "Another one bites the dust", the beat of "We will rock you", the bucolic atmosphere of the composition of "Bohemian Rhapsody"). They insist on the importance of collective work in their development (while the media was only interested in the diva Freddie Mercury). The chemistry between the actors works well and the resemblance with the band members is bluffing. The final 18-minute sequence of the 1985 Wembley concert where the band goes four tracks is simply euphoric. We want more!

The second merit of the film lies in the performance of Rami MALEK in the skin of Freddie Mercury. Certainly at first we see only his teeth prominent (exaggerated on the edges, I had never been careful before) but later we forget them. Teeth constitutive of his problematic identity and which he wanted to keep despite pressures. What impressed me the most is not so much mimicry in concert as those more intimate moments of trance in which he seems possessed by what he composes.

Where the film is less convincing is in his treatment of Freddie Mercury's quest for identity, both in terms of his Iranian, Indian and African roots, as well as his bisexuality. The question of origins and racism is dealt with superficially. The boring girlfriend Mary Austin (Lucy BOYNTON) takes up too much room to the detriment of a homosexuality reduced to the parcel while it is essential in the life of the singer. It has several facets. At the beginning of his career, Freddie Mercury appears frail, effeminate, shy and extravagant at the same time as a drag-queen, then he becomes muscular and hyper-virile with a mustache-leather look while retaining its intrinsic fragility (comparable to that of the hero of the movie "Moonlight") (2016) "As for the orgies, they are evoked in subliminal mode.This is in line with what Freddie Mercury wanted: to suggest rather than show (there are films x for that). it would have been necessary to develop the subject further because it is indissociable of its creative inspiration (whereas the influence of Mary is reduced to the very dispensable "Love of my life").

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note note has seen the movie in a theater on the 11/01/2018 Rating : note
Despite all the negative reviews, this film is a great tribute
to the QUEEN group. To discover. FYI Queen group approved and had a right to look at this biography.
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note note has seen the movie in a theater on the 11/01/2018 Rating : note
Wow this biography makes us vibrate to the sound of the tubes of the group Queen and discover the genesis of my favorite band (hence my nickname)!

The film focuses on Queen's best years, and Freddie Mercury's life.

There is a good balance in the desire to show off extravagance, sexual orientation, Freddie Mercury's disease, without falling into trash.

The music is very well integrated into the story, and the actors very well chosen including Gwilym LEE in Brian May.

Rummy MALEK is incredible, especially when he plays the mythical concert at Wembley, he perfectly imitates Freddie Mercury, and we feel the greatness of the event.

There are so many hits that not all appear in the movie. Other events, like Freddie Mercury singing at the 1988 Olympics "Barcelona", the creation of their latest albums when the singer was sick, do not appear.

So we stay with the memory of the best years of the group.

A must see !

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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 11/03/2018 Rating : note
The film seems to be debated in particular that the personality and the intimate life of Freddy Mercury would be watered down. Certainly the genesis of the group is perhaps overflown and this reproach can be heard. But what about the pleasure felt all along this biopic, the performance of Rami MALEK simply bluffing, the incredible energy emerging from the whole. We leave the room with only one desire, to listen to the timeless tubes of this fabulous group and tell our friends not to miss "Bohemian Rapsody".
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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 11/04/2018 Rating : note
It is a Biopic on the mythical "Queen" band from his creation to his participation in the Live Aid concert at Wembley on July 13, 1985.
Farrokh Bulsara is of Iranian origin, his parents of "Pârsi" origin left their country for the protectorate of Zanzibar, he lives with his family in London, he carries on the trade of porter at the London airport d? Heathrow and he frequents a box where a semi-professional group "Smile" occurs, this one has just lost his singer and Farrokh who takes the name of Freddie postulates for the replacement, he even offers to his future colleagues who remains dubious to this request, a sample of his abilities and he will eventually become part of the group. He lives from town to town and Freddie thinks it's time to risk everything to get an album out, which is the key to getting to the next level. is salable, including the van that drives them from town to town on tours to produce this famous record, they are very perfectionist and the realization of the album will take some time, but a producer going through there will offer them the first chance ...
We will still quote the members of the rock band, it is composed of Freddie Mercury, we suspected, Brian May and Roger Taylor, from the group Smile, guitarist and drummer and later bassist John Deacon. The film emphasizes the group's desire to think outside the box to offer the public something that is out of the ordinary and revolutionizing rock. This is how it will create "Bohemian Rhapsody", a piece certainly ahead of its time that will have the success that it deserves and that will annoy the group with a producer. We will also talk about the bisexuality of Freddie Mercury, the latter was married to Mary Austin, a woman he has always loved, except that his bisexuality turns to homosexuality. The singer will then be a victim of AIDS, it is unfortunately the time that wants this and the medical advances on the subject was still that in the infancy, we will not say enough that this disease does not attack not necessarily to homosexuals as a divine punishment, but in this environment the turn-over was more important and at the time no one was aware of the ravages of this insidious disease. Problems on the group which forms a united family, but this one will come out winning and it is the main one. Question music, we are spoiled, we are entitled to the best songs almost in full especially during the concert "Live Aid", an unforgettable moment. The actor Rami Malek gives the change, we end up getting used to his non-resemblance despite excellent makeup and he was well coached because on stage he is doing very well to take the attitudes of the singer. A film not to be missed and in a big room it is really worth the trip.

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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 11/04/2018 Rating : note
After a more than chaotic realization and murderous press reviews, "Bohemian Rhapsody" finally comes out on our screens.
This biopic recounts the extraordinary fate of Queen and their iconic singer Freddie Mercury, who challenged stereotypes, broke conventions and revolutionized music.
Rami Malek is breathtaking and totally possessed by the soul of Freddie Mercury ... It smells the road to the Oscars;)
Listed BO is a real pleasure to hear again the flagship titles of the group Queen. It was swinging in the room !!!
Run to see this biopic at once troubling, moving, and taking!
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note note has seen the movie in a theater on the 11/15/2018 Rating : note
Great art. I can not say for those who do not like more than that the group Queen. For my part, I love them and this film really pays tribute to them.

It is Brian Singer who is at the realization. So not an amateur and it shows because the talent used to lay such a masterpiece is real, transpires in each image. The story is that of Freddie Mercury, inseparable from the group Queen and so each scene is a tribute to one of their hymn to this end that shows the band at Live Aid 1985 reconstituted identically, a magical and enjoyable moment that I lived in 1985 (the concert at that time had been broadcast in full on TV) and that I relived there tonight.

The actors are chosen with great care and even if it is difficult to recognize young Freddie Mercury, we quickly forget that it is an actor, Rami Malek, fully invaded by the spirit of Freddie Mercury. For others, they are not left out. Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor, respectively Gwilym Lee, Joseph Mazzelo and Ben Hardy, look like the original Queen. Even Bob Geldof, played by Dermot Murphy, looks like the real thing. And really, we are transported by what we see, we are really with Queen all along the film, it's crazy.

For my part, "Bohemian rhapsody" is a masterpiece, a true movie wonder that will let you know a little more about Freddie Mercury and his band, but in which there is no timeout, a lot of humor and of course a soundtrack omnipresent and fully interpreted by Queen. This film makes me cry with happiness ... If that's not a sign!

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note note has seen the movie in a theater on the 12/22/2018 Rating : note
Quel performance d'acteur et quel groupe.
Freddie Mercury a jamais mythique
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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 12/14/2018 Rating : note
Even if you're not a fan of Freddie Mercury, you can be as captivated by the energy of the character as played by Rami Malek. We come out with a joy and even a regret for not having been interested in QUEEN. All the details of the biography may not be accurate, but we are left with songs in mind for weeks and the eternal regret of not having been present at the Live Aid of 1985. Léo Bernardi Film Devourer
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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 01/20/2019 Rating : note
There is always material to tell the life of a famous man, famous in the cinema. Here, one only touches the personality of Freddie Mercury and one only tries to stay on the surface of life, appearances. This makes beautiful pictures, a good or a medium sound, and the fleeting pleasure of listening to a few pieces of the band. But all is clichés, bad clips for tubes. Freddie Mercury seems to have no power, strength and fragility in this movie. Just a singer who disguises himself and an actor who has a hard time coping with his teeth that is closer to the raccoon's grin than the singer's life. No depth, no soul. The film actually only runs around "Love of my life" which should have been, I think, the title of the film. Namely that his love for Mary Austin that lasted seven years takes a lot of relief and stands out as a frame to the film, with regard to his future companion Jim Hutton remains in the film, always on the lookout, unhealthy, between two doors, while his friend was rather benevolent with Freddie Mercury. As for finishing the film on Live Aid's concert, yes, visually it's not bad but that pictures spoiled to show us rushes that can be watched on Youtube or the Bluray live in Canada.

Finally here it is, this film looks good in our time: hollow and depressive to sell records. Freddie Mercury had another charismatic dimension and a fragility rooted in childhood. Here, none of that. Not enough scenes on the genesis of titles ("Bohemian Rhapsody" excepted), a story struggling to find the balance between private life and pro life, the other members of the group little developed and sometimes a little ridiculous (Brian May is poor to see ...) So strange choice to finish the film by this concert of 1985, showing a sick Freddie when he will learn his disease only 2 years later. Finally, as regards a cinematographic work, it is a bit disappointing precisely not to see the involvement of Queen in the cinema (BO of "Flash Gordon" and "Highlander").

In short everything remains exposed on the surface and watered down compared to reality. For a rock band and such an atypical character, we would have liked a less agreed result. Even the Doors' biopic or Johnny Cash's one had more relief, here it looks like a sanitized TV movie. The only interest of the film therefore lies in the last 15 minutes, to hear from the Queen the bowls in a movie theater surround sound, or by the performance of Rami Malek (despite his ridiculous or even grotesque tooth prosthesis) that the film in himself. So why did not you just go out and see Queen at Wembley in theaters?

In short to conclude, you will have understood, Bohemian Rhapsody will remain for me a biopic not taking risks in his choices of achievement. I just attended a banal TV movie (as the public sees too often) providing little emotion on the big screen, because we are still far from the Ian Curtis biopic of Joy Division in "Control" or the one of Charlie Parker in "Bird". Even "A Star is Born" lately Bradley Cooper, was better said ;-)
02/06/2019      partager tweet



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note have seen the movie on the 02/06/2019 Rating : note
half, half ... the life of the reduced group, like music, has its simplest expression ... we learn nothing and the music is shamefully truncated ... limit if we do not pass mercury for a rather unfriendly type .. .
03/09/2019      partager tweet
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note have seen the movie on the 03/09/2019 Rating : note
A very good movie about a part of the life of a singer we loved a lot ... as well as his musician friends.
We were surprised to make discoveries about his intimate life and enjoyed the interpretations of band members and Freddy of course.
A great moment of pleasure.
04/01/2019      partager tweet
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note note has seen the movie in a theater on the 04/01/2019 Rating : note
Very big fan of QUEEN and Freddie MERCURY, I finally discovered Bohemian Rhapsody (2017). Since its release, the Oscars have fallen and the box office reassured me that the film was successful ... It's the advantage of being late on watching a movie!
I said it: I'm a fan of Freddie, but I must admit that I only knew the outline of his biography. So I learned a lot and I understand better the extravagant character he was. Many things in his life are hidden, however. Of course it's a shame, but it was necessary to make a choice to prevent the film lasts 6 hours. I regret, however, that the lives of the other members of the group are hardly developed. Similarly, the purely musical aspect would have won if the creation of Bo "Flash" or "Highlander" had not been erased, and the creation and reception received by his album solo.Petite disappointment, but I understand the need to make choices.
The end of the film starring Queen's reunion at Wembley is downright haunting. Rami MALEK makes a magical performance that made me forget the actor to see only the incarnated singer. For these 20 minutes, I can only advise this film to everyone.
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