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in 2018

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note has seen in avant-première on the 12/11/2018 Rating : note

I had the opportunity to see BumbleBee, a prequel to the five (!) Recent Transformers in preview.
Difficult to gauge this film, because it has itself difficult to locate.
It begins by addressing the quadras, those who were young in the 80s. The soundtrack is an ode at this time, and the plethora of objects put forward (Walkman, cars ...) are as much a nod to There at the time blessed where Transformers cartoons were selling toy wheelbarrows at every episode. Teens will rather cling to the heroine, cute, badass but not too much, to stay in the movie.
Is BumbleBee for adults then?
Not really, since the characters, their stories and even the hero are not very credible if you think about it a little.
Without revealing any of the main plot, let's say she stands and serves the film well. But it is studded with situations seen and reviewed and stereotypical characters who serve it.
On these points, the film would rather reach a younger audience, who will let themselves be taken without question.
The hero, especially, will address them directly. Smaller than its congeners, more frail, it will easily allow them to identify. His mimic cr cute (it means cute to eat) which Spielberg has the secret and his relationship with the heroine will go even further in this direction.
And yet, while we believe to have put the finger on it, this part of the film escapes us also. BumbleBee becomes a malignant, frightening and brutal war machine, the opposite of what made us love it. And the scenes of robots cut up, tortured will not help our youth to appreciate the Transformers.
So we loose everything, we stop trying to understand, and we decide to enjoy the film for what it is: a deluge of references to the eighties, explosions at Mickaël Bay and moments of American bravery. .
Enjoy with a bucket of popcorn, solo as a guilty pleasure or accompanied by a teenager not too looking.
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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 12/27/2018 Rating : note

The saga "Transformers" is perhaps the most controversial of recent years and rightly in my opinion. I have never seen the last one ...
But the positive feedback attracted me and I do not regret at all!
"Bumblebee", is a prequel well before the meeting between the yellow Autobot and Shia LaBeouf.
For a blockbuster, it is an impressive sobriety, putting the action just right, without excess, it is full of sweetness, emotion, articulated around friendship, with of course a touch of humor. It made me think a lot about the movie "The New Heroes".
Casting, Hailee Steinfeld brings a breath of fresh air and it feels good to see a teen full of innocence and not a bimbo, in this kind of film.
The soundtrack is great and takes the headlines of the 80's, a treat for the ears.
"Bumblebee" brings a different look to the saga "Transformers", it's above all a beautiful teen movie with sweet 80's flavors, it was a real good surprise ... I loved it
post12/31/2018      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 12/31/2018 Rating : note

It is the first spin-off of the saga "Transformer", the limit could almost be considered as a parody of the series despite the serious conflict that will pit the Earth with this kind of specimens.
We are in 1987 on our planet and a conflict between "transform" is rife in a distant planet, Cybertron, the leader of the resistance identified with his family in his fief sends a trusted transformer to the planet Earth to find a refuge where they can bounce. The robot will land in a forest just when a team of army fighters continues its training and the military launch in pursuit, the problem is our yellow turn was followed by enemies who will then invite to the party and will follow a memorable fight. Our yellow robot will get away with it but not without damage, because he will lose the use of the word and a part of his memory, before falling into the "vapes" in a dump, he will watch a little more far from the people camping wild and happy possessor of a yellow ladybug car. Somewhere in a coastal community of California Lives the Watson family, it is a stepfamily with the young Otis and his sister Charlie who will soon be 18 years old, the girl has not yet recovered the death of her father and she abandoned the plunge she practiced at high level, to round off the end of the month, she works in restoration in a recreational area. On the other hand, she is an expert in automobile mechanics and she tries to renovate her father's car by gleaning spare parts in a case that she knows very well and it is precisely by looking for elements that could be used for her discovers a Volkswagen ladybug in a lamentable state certainly but apparently whole and repairable ...
The Volkswagen ladybug returns to the Hollywood cinema after the famous "Choupette", it is true that this car with a rounded roof is more credible to "transform" than a 2CV. Its appearance makes it go (because it is a male robot) take the name of Bumblebee. The friendly relationship between the girl who stars and the robot changes us a lot of the old "transformers" while the film is very serious due to the threat to the Earth. Of course we do not escape the violent fighting between cyborgs and between earthlings and robots, we will even say that technically it is very successful. Well it's a little crazy as a scenario but despite everything we started from an existing idea that has made its way and it would not be surprising if there is a sequel. We will also highlight the humorous side of certain scenes that make this film is very distinct from the old saga and if we do not like the genre, we are still surprised by the fact that this film mixes feeling and science fiction with a lot of panache. We will also be caught by the suspense which is quite intense. It is for me the last film of the year 2018 and I do not regret the trip.

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