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Captive Sate

Captive Satenote


Directed by
in 2018

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04/07/2019      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 04/07/2019 Rating : note
It's a sci-fi film that describes our world invaded by aliens who have a more advanced civilization than ours, of course they won the battle and enslaved humans.
We are in Chicago and the Drummond family is trying to leave the city that has been invested by the aliens, in the car there is the father who is a police officer, but also his wife and two children, the eldest Rafe and the youngest Gabriel. In a tunnel, they are blocked by an alien who will kill the parents. The creature from space is quite special and looks like a porcupine as soon as it gets angry. Ten years have passed and the aliens have invaded the Earth, many earthly have sworn allegiance to the invader, many people are completely enslaved and live in great misery in walled Guettos, they are traceable because everyone has a chip that gives its position in real time and it goes without saying that technologically the human has greatly regressed. A handful of notable false butts live far better than the others, they are responsible for enforcing the instructions of the invader who dictates the conduct to all and that is called "the legislator". But somewhere a handful of illegals try to fight in the underground and Rafe Drummond was one of the figures, but he disappeared. His brother Gabriel works in a center where one examines contents of hard disks and Sim cards to track possible terrorists ...
This is a film that describes an apocalyptic situation that is supposed to remind us of our country under the Nazi occupation and it was the intention of the director. Closer to home, the film reminds us a little of the television saga "V" where very reptilian aliens invade our planet. The goal is to pull all the resources of the planet and leave nothing. This one wants rather to play on the subtlety to try to overcome the invader by the ruse, knowing that by force it is not possible, but one will let you discover the methodology. It is going to be said that the human is still fake token and when the opportunity is given to pull the cover on his side, he does not deprive himself. The production wants to be imaginative to invent aliens who come out of the ordinary with a very particular language and spaceships resembling menhirs. In short there is the intention in all this, but despite this unequal battle that will confront the resistance and aliens helped by the collabos, we are bored a little and we do not take pleasure, certainly it must be subtle, but that was not enough to interest me.

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04/11/2019      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma

[Guru Expert]

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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 04/11/2019 Rating : note
A good scenario that keeps us in suspense until the final image.

The soundtrack is for many in the tension and suspense, we are stuck on the seat for the first few minutes, and I listen on spotify.

The film deserved a little more budget for some scenes.

The actors, known and unknown are perfect, including a John Goodman as I had never seen.

Honestly I was expecting a turnip, and that's a nice surprise.

vu au UGC Ciné Cité Les Halles
04/12/2019      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 04/09/2019 Rating : note
A contact took place between the Earth and Extraterrestrials (ET).
Nine years later, in Chicago, ETs occupy a forbidden underground zone, plundering the resources of the host planet. In addition, they have put in place a legislative system that can not be more repressive and based on a total monitoring of human populations through implants.
Yet, a small group ?? the Phoenix ?? continues to resist.

The plot can not be more difficult to summarize, these few lines do not take into account all the data that the scenario distributes gradually until the crucial moment that rock the story.
On the one hand, we have ETs that direct the Earth through existing infrastructures: the justification for this occupation and therefore this collaboration is security and full employment.
The question in this situation is the same as that of the 1930s: should one alienate his freedom to be safe?
Because once freedom is alienated, employment problems no longer arise: those who refuse are eliminated, administratively or outright definitively.
Of course, this liberticidal drift applies here to a dystopian society that can not be ours, huh?

The start is very strange and can be confusing: the alien threat is very diffuse at first, but we quickly understand that there is antagonism. The jump of 9 years poses us in front of a state of fact: how one arrived "there is not the most important. It was especially necessary to try to leave it.
We then follow several sub-intrigues that will gradually find their place in the great plot, like a huge puzzle whose solution is announced from the beginning (1).

First sub-plot: Gabriel Drummond (Ashton SANDERS) who works in information processing, and lives with Rula (Madeline BREWER). His brother Rafe (Jonathan MAJORS) was part of the first resistance group. He is supervised by William Mulligan (John GOODMAN), a policeman in the service of the "Legislators" (ETs are so called).
Second sub-plot: Jane Doe (Vera FARMIGA) ?? a prostitute (2) ?? has a special and special relationship with Mulligan. When he comes to visit, she passes Stardust on his record player.
Third sub-plot: the organization of Phoenix and its involvement as a resistance movement.
It is clear that the second part seems to have no real connection with the other two. Think again, it is not free: let yourself be, the revelation will come (3).

This film by Rupert WYATT is, in my opinion very interesting. And not only for his plot. While there are many elements already tested in other films of this kind, it is of course his treatment that holds the attention. Certainly, the ET's are humanoid (4), but they have a rather surprising aspect and a very complex language made of various indescribable sounds.
The use of electronic implants is nothing new either if it is his way of shunting them.
No, the most exciting is the treatment of the struggle between these all-powerful legislators and the resistant, with the Mulligan police unit as a factor of chance. And as always, John Goodman is impeccable. A little contremploi compared to what we know, but still beautiful.
Around him, the different performers are also very convincing and we get caught up gradually by this story not that impossible.
We can go in the past for correspondence. But unfortunately, if we look at certain aspects of today's society, we find common elements troubling: no need for subcutaneous implant to track the citizens (5) by their phone or other bank cards, computers ?? I continue ?

Of course, the end leaves a hope ?? since I tell you that it ends pretty much well ?? but we are in the cinema ??

PS: small innovation. As with the two films mentioned above, the spacecraft does not have much to do with what we know.

(1) No, I do not deliver here the key of the plot, I just say that we have many elements in our possession while the film begins but as for a puzzle, it is necessary above all to have a sight together to understand it and thus finish it.
(2) "Jane Doe", an obvious pseudonym that is used to denominate female anonymous people in the United States.
(3) We are in an American film and given the initial situation, we can bet from the opening that we will attend a happy ending. She will be there, but maybe not as expected.
(4) I look forward to ETs who are not humanoid, whether they are friendly or aggressive. Apart from 2001, the space odyssey (1968) or Arrival (2015), there is little in stock ??
(5) Are they still in this case?
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