Fifty Shades Freed
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Fifty Shades Freed

Fifty Shades Freednote


Directed by
in 2018

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02/07/2018      partager tweet
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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 02/07/2018 Rating : note
And here is the loop is complete. Good entertainment.

I wondered what made the audience like the trilogy "50 shades ...". I think I know why. Despite the social difference that exists between Christian Gray and most of us, the characters that the books of E.L. James describes are of flawless credibility and they could be us if we had all that money. They are all deeply human. And the directors did not make a mistake; James Foley, to whom we already owe the second part, keeps the reindeer and finishes this trilogy with brilliance, making this last film a quality entertainment.

And it's probably the endearing characters (and, for some, attached ...) that E.L. James can boast of having created that we owe a part of the pleasure. We find, of course, Christian Gray and his entourage (even Héléna is mentioned!), But also Anastasia who becomes Mrs. Gray in the first seconds of the film and it becomes more directive, leaving his Christian husband on the brink of panic , this one losing control. Dakota Johnson is still beautiful when Jamie Dornan will still dream many of our peers of the opposite sex. And above all, there is this magical scene where Anastasia dresses while settling her accounts with Christian. This is probably the scene that made me understand the enthusiasm of the public, because it is a banality at the same time as it is beautiful, involving us in the settlement of account as if we were his lover and for the blow his nudity is not shocking, any more than exciting. She is beautiful, pure, human and, I would say, normal.

If it was necessary to take stock of this trilogy, confirming that to have crispy scenes with more demonstrative details, it is better to read the books, where there are more pipes and penetration of any kind (that it is even boring to the long). The films, at least a lot softs, remains a very good entertainment, where some details would be missing (again, it seemed to me that the case Jack Hyde and much less thrilling than in the book. ..), but overall, it's a good job.
02/12/2018      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note note has seen the movie in a theater on the 02/12/2018 Rating : note
It is the third part of the trilogy, the first being "Fifty Shades of Gray" and it is adapted from the erotic novel of the British E.L James. It is still the sulphurous relationship between Anastasia and businessman Christian Gray that continues.
Here, Christian and Anastasia get married, they swap the oaths "... until death separates us ..." in front of a priest and they kiss tenderly, of course the man of business to the means and he will bring his wife to France with a private jet, in Paris first and then on the Côte d'Azur. Of course now that the two lovers are married, they have the right to be jealous of each other, it's all fair if Christian does not impose the wearing of burkini on his wife and if Christian has the right to look at another woman. In any case, life will become sweet for the young Ana who sees that she is offered a beautiful house in the countryside and a serious promotion in the work she was doing previously. The only shady thing on the board is that it is now decked out with two railings. On the other hand happiness will be troubled by Jack Hyde, the former boss of Ana who wants revenge for being ousted ...
It is always reassuring to see that the inveterate pervert has changed his method and avoids taking his foot whipping his partner. What's new under the sun, the couple is married, but on the one hand a toxic disrupts this well-regulated life and is what gives a little spice to the plot and a fortuitous event that will not be mentioned will also come to disturb the good agreement of the couple. It is said that an erotic film, it is not unpleasant to see the plastic of Dakota Johnson, for a man hears, but it is still very far from "Nine weeks and a half" and 100 places of "Emmanuelle". There are a lot of scenes suggested as a Ben and Jerry type of fellatio, but we fall back into American puritanism, which is a mountain of anything, except talking about it abundantly. It's a bit soft and frankly it does not deserve the move.

vu au Gaumont wilson Toulouse
02/19/2018      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 02/19/2018 Rating : note
A very good movie, I did not get bored at one moment.

I would say that for me it's the best of the three fifty nuances.
Certainly the film is more or less away from the book but the adaptation does not shock and even adds a certain pleasure.

We discover a Christian calmer and Ana more hardened and in love than ever.

I seriously advise!
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