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Creed 2

Creed 2note


Directed by
in 2018

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01/09/2019      partager tweet
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note has seen in avant-première on the 01/07/2019 Rating : note
Every episode of the legendary Rocky saga, we remember the best moments, including this fight in Rocky IV (1985) to avenge Apollo Creed.

I liked the first Creed, which breathed new life into the saga, and launched new heroes while respecting the legacy.

Creed 2 takes its story and pays tribute to Rocky IV, and it is with pleasure that we find Dolph LUNDGREN in front of Sylvester STALLONE, coaches this time!

Despite some slow moments in the first part, we then find the energy and music of the saga for a grand finale.

Without bringing new innovations, an honorable suite in the mythical saga Rocky!
01/13/2019      partager tweet
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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 01/13/2019 Rating : note
I'm just coming out of cinema, (and I saw Creed 1 Yesterday evening), even though my heart is happy again, Let's face it straight away, this second mount is, in terms of achievement, quite below the first opus...

Too much camera at hand at times, less immersive fights, and filmed in a very classic way, dull colors and lights really less interesting than the first.

In short, Ryan Coogler misses me ....

However, this sequel does not have to blush so far, this second part, which I personally see as a conclusion, fulfilled the specifications, without inventing the hot water, the characters are strong, human, goes up and down , in short the fan of Stallone that I am is delighted to see his fetish themes bring to the screen.

without wanting to enter the spoil, for me the Drago bow lacks deepening, which, moreover, was the most interesting to me.

To conclude, a suite that does the job without really surprising, a cast that does the job with beautiful nuggets on the drago family, finally for me I hope not to see an opus too ... this conclusion suits me.

01/13/2019      partager tweet
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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 01/13/2019 Rating : note
It is the sequel to Creed and certainly the last with the presence of Sylvester Stallone, the story is closely linked to Rocky IV, because the son of Russian boxer Ivan Drago who killed Apollo Creed in the ring comes to challenge the boxer became world champion on his own land.
We are in Philadelphia and boxer Adonis Creed will fight Wheeler for the title of World Heavyweight Champion. The son of the famous champion Apollo Creed will win the famous belt and he will take the opportunity to ask Bianca in marriage with great difficulty because the champion is more comfortable on the rings than in front of the woman that? he loves and he fears a refusal. On the other side of the Atlantic the son of Yvan Drago, the Russian boxer who killed Apollo and was beaten at home by Rocky, has a rather promising career and with the complicity of an agent, Buddy Marcelle, who sees him as future World Champion, he will challenge Adonis Creed in his own country. The latter does not want to refuse this challenge because he is the son of the one who killed his father even if this accident happened on a ring. He then asks Rocky who believes that this is not the time and it is better not to be guided by his emotions. Since Rocky does not want Adonis to find another coach and maintain the fight, he will then go to the mythical hall where his father was training and ask for the help of his son. former coach of his father ...
Well, we will say that there are beautiful fights or at least an excellent pugilistic choreography and it's pretty bluffing. The scenario changes little, there is a first time and it goes wrong and we put it back with this time a training rather rural. The fight is going to take place in Russia and one has almost the impression that nothing has changed since the cold war with "personalities" who turns quickly the back as soon as it goes badly. Apart from that we will understand that the boxers also have a life, one will get married and immediately found a family and the former will reconnect with his own that he has more or less lost sight. We certainly have great pleasure to find the great Sylvester Stallone who throws the sponge of Creed and other Rocky, remains to know if a possible success of this episode will not encourage other producers to continue. Well we will say that it becomes boring, but as we are good public we will give 3 stars to a film that is worth 2 and a half.

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01/14/2019      partager tweet
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note note has seen the movie in a theater IMAX on the 01/14/2019 Rating : note
Another movie I'm not about to forget! The worthy successor of the first Creed (2015), but also of the series of "Rocky". Only Sylvester STALLONE (in the credits as a screenwriter, certainly more involved than in his role in this film) was able to raise the glove with as much panache to the story of Rocky Balboa, but also other characters around him. I was very physically fit today ... but I assure you that after leaving the Imax room, I found the punch, that's also the magic of cinema!

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01/14/2019      partager tweet

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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 01/14/2019 Rating : note
Good what to say not too bad not to upset the many fans of Rocky Balboa?
This "Creek 2" looks like a warmed certainly with some acceptable moments but with the feeling of always seeing the same movie. A big bad guy who sticks a wank you do not even imagine the suffering and revenge (you'll see how I correct the ruskoff) as predictable as already seen and reviewed. We have a bit of compassion for STALLONE, Michael B. JORDAN tries to slip into the footsteps of his illustrious companion, multiple questions about the way forward (I'm going there, I'm not there?) But in the end, My faith is very long, all sprinkled with music omnipresent to emphasize the dramaturgy (in case we would not understand). Too much for me, I throw in the towel!
01/14/2019      partager tweet



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note note has seen the movie in a theater on the 01/14/2019 Rating : note
franchise recycling, when one is too old ... after what? the son of creed? the little son of balboa? the hidden girl of paulie? enough is enough...
01/21/2019      partager tweet



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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 01/17/2019 Rating : note
Fan of the saga Rocky, having loved Creed, I awaited this sequel with impatience and here it is finally!
Visually less impressive and immersive than Creed, it is no less good but different.
Intimate drama between two fighters, whose paths are subtly opposed but have one thing in common: revenge.
The film makes the connection between yesterday's fights and those of today to better end in a heartbreaking finale.
Even though I found this sequel more emotional than "Creed", it remains intense and engaging. But for my part, it was not until the last part of the film to have chills.
I came out cheerful, because it was a real pleasure to find this muscular cast: Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren and Florian Munteanu but also with a feeling of disappointment ... it m missed a little something. Pity :(
02/14/2019      partager tweet
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note has seen in blu-ray on the 02/13/2019 Rating : note
Opposite the first "Creed", the scenario here remains denser, addressing more themes, but also remains more disjointed which creates a few lengths, then the parentage and its importance transpires everywhere, and remains hammered.

In this "Creed II", there is no sign of renewal or even a hint of desire to try to surprise us. Everything seems to be signposted to go from point A to point B without any trouble for fear of disappointing. But by pressing the lemon until more thirsty and serve a sluggish recipe, the risk is of course that there is no more juice and that the dish becomes unhealthy. And that's what happens here at every post in this film that is sometimes sorely lacking inspiration but ...

Another point too, it is so distressing that even most of the actors here are lagging behind or misguided. Ryan Coogler, who brilliantly directed the first, and who has since become the director of the "Black Panther" cardboard, has given way to a complete stranger. What could have been an artistic bet turns out to be a serious mistake, as the man seems to be only a yes man in the pay of a production that does not want to take risks. Stallone grimaces at will, the Russian enemies are inexpressive and without great depth while their history could have been much more exciting than reduced to this simple revenge on the past and Michael B. Jordan developed a game more nuanced in the previous opus . Tessa Thompson, who has a hard time making her character exist compared to the first film, comes singing on the last game, we do not know if we should laugh or cry anymore. Brigitte Nielsen's cameo is pitiful instead of waking up the nostalgic fiber, and the dialogues are either too pompous and written, or a banal foolproof, in the image of an achievement worthy of a TV movie .

In short if the story remains as always predictable, chaining painfully three expected acts that could be named as follows: provocation, defeat and revenge and if the addition of a baby in the dramaturgy n ?? adds nothing and reveals itself too quickly put aside, Creed II despite his disappointment on the paper however follows the approach of Rocky on the screen in this manner of showing modesty, as much in the intention as in the setting scene, not seeking, it is on, not the blows, to better put forward the human. Moreover, he manages to make the "mourning" of the saga Rocky, to find a way out to definitely enter the era of Creed. The balance between relying on Rocky's mythology and Creed's emancipation is not always easy, and we can feel it over the course of the film. And although it has the unfortunate tendency to sometimes go astray, to spread too much at the risk of remaining superficial, Creed II manages to offer a sometimes uninteresting and interesting sequel, making us look one last time back to to better orient our eyes towards the future, perpetuating the beautiful values ​​of Rocky and continuing to convey beautiful messages of humanity.

To conclude, Creed 2 will remain a series without daring, as used in view of sounds archi known scenario containing the themes of the saga however it remains rather pleasant to follow cause endearing characters, which will be very successful because of its cultural heritage, and not by his own personality of risky and original work ;-)
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