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Death Wish

Death Wishnote


Directed by
in 2017

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05/15/2018      partager tweet
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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 05/15/2018 Rating : note
It is a remake of the film "A Justice in the City" worn by Charles BRONSON and freely adapted from the novel "Death Wish" by Brian Garfield, of course adapted to our time.
We are in the city of Chicago where crime is growing steadily. Paul Kersey is an emergency doctor, he is married to Lucy and he has a daughter, Jordan who will soon enter the university in New York, a brother who is always short of money and lives in the beautiful neighborhoods where the gangsters are trying to do good business, one of them gets his address by looking at the GPS of the vehicle. While it is his birthday and the whole family was about to celebrate, he is called urgently to the hospital for an intervention, so his wife and daughter take the opportunity to come home to get there. prepare a cake that will make you happy after work. It is at this point that the wizards enter the house, while Lucy is summoned to open the personal safe for the bandit to grab jewelry and money, Jordan is tied up in the kitchen and one of the individuals wants to take advantage to rape her, but Jordan defends himself and his mother takes the opportunity to scald the bandit he loses his calm and fires his gun. What a shock when Dr. Paul Kersey sees his wife and daughter coming to his own service. Unfortunately his wife is not going to survive his wounds and his daughter is in a coma. Of course the police are conducting the investigation, she hopes that the stolen objects will reflect and give information via some receiver, but it is very long and the result is slow in coming. One day a bandit arrives at the emergency, he was wounded by a bullet and will not survive, by moving him Dr. Kersey realizes that he had a weapon ...
We are close enough to the film "A vigilante in the city" but in the background and not too much in the form. First it is transposed to our time and history is somewhat different. Just a shot at the end of the film where the "vigilante" meets a thug and pretends with his hand to aim and shoot as if it was a weapon. Apart from that it is true that the emergency doctor will wander in shady neighborhoods and do justice and it is also true that the exploits will be relayed in the media and he will pass for a vigilante, the news will go all the faster that witnesses use social networks. The film is still very captivating and catching and the actor Bruce Willis has not lost much of its superb. Of course we always turn around the possibility that Americans have weapons, certainly it can be used to defend itself and this is what tends to demonstrate the film, but also the bandits of any kind? get enough of it easily and that's the other side of the coin. It is to be seen and it will recall memories that make a lambda individual has its hour of glory and it lowers crime, at least it is the film that says it, finally it does not do not want to visit this city.

vu au Gaumont wilson Toulouse
05/28/2018      partager tweet



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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 05/09/2018 Rating : note
Bruce WILLIS is back in the cinema (yes the big screen and not in VOD) and is taken for Charles BRONSON, in this remake of "A justice in the city" (1974). Despite a basic scenario and sometimes wobbly, Death Wish is ultimately a good action movie that uses big strings to play with the feelings of the viewer but also with a lot of humor. Indeed I had some good laughs but not sure that it was wanted!
The violence advocated in the film is interesting, almost aesthetic.
And the film also reflects on the ease with which one can get arms in the United States and thus exposes us the current policy led by Trump.
Casting: Élisabeth Shue and Camila Morrone are doing well, I really enjoyed Vincent D 'Onofrio but I was disappointed by Bruce WILLIS himself. I do not know if he had a botox injection that went badly but I found his face inexpressive and it really destabilized me! Pity :'(
Side music there is the foot with a BO 100% rock and metal with a final under AC / DC ... The kick!
Death Wish is a good nanar who assumes totally, before which, we finally spend a good time!
02/01/2019      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the DVD on the 02/01/2019 Rating : note
We are not going to lie to each other, the film does not revolutionize the genre, a vigilante in the city, we have already seen, but here it is handed over to the taste of the day with social networks in the background. We are on the same notes as Equalizer and other John Wick. The nice surprise is to find Bruce Willis differently than in a B series, with his name on the poster and two three scenes to make the stamp. No, he takes his role at heart and it's nice to see him frown and execute the bad guys without flinching. But is it really the only strength, no, there is still a mise en abime of the main character that is done step by step and makes the story credible; for fans of an old-fashioned cinema, do not go your way.
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