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03/29/2019      partager tweet
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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 03/29/2019 Rating : note
It is the live adaptation of the famous eponymous cartoon of Walt Disney dating from 1941 and based on a story written by Helen Aberson.
We are after the great war and the Medici circus has just arrived in Missouri. The children Farrier, Milly and Joe are thrilled because their father returned from the war in Europe will join them by train, their mother is unfortunately dead, she did not survive the epidemic of influenza that hit the world. The children are going to wait for their father, Holt on the platform of the station. When he arrives, they will see with amazement that he has had his left arm amputated and he did not want to say it in his letters, before the war he made a number with horses but the circus has been alive for a while. time and Max Medici the director sold the horses and he will ask Holt to care for the elephants. Exactly the circus has just acquired an elephant, Jumbo who is waiting for a baby elephant and this type of small animal pleases enough in a dressage issue. When the latter is born one realizes that he has excessive ears that makes him almost monstrous and the circus director is very disappointed. The children Milly and Joe are going to visit the elephant who is alone in his enclosure and he plays with him with a feather that they send back by blowing on it, at a given moment the little elephant absorbs the feather with his trunk and he sneezes and by making his ears beat he flies under the dumbfounded eyes of the children, on the stroke of surprise they will announce to their father that the elephant and able to fly, but Holt of course does not believe them not ...
Of course it's an enchanting movie in the lineage of Disney and Tim Burton will make a movie with real characters and a staging closer to reality than was the cartoon, of course the famous baby elephant and created in computer graphics, like his mother, and it is technically well done. Of course the story is touching and it has its share of suspense and surprises, as in all films of this type we distinguish well the good guys. For my part I went to see the VO version, so there were no children and the room was almost empty. Very good actors to start with Colin Farrel who did not hesitate to sacrifice an arm to play in this film as he had sacrificed a leg in a previous film, that's for fun of course, but it's so true . We will also report the presence of Danny DeVito and Michael Keaton who plays a villain, especially we will report the presence of our national Eva Green who takes the role of a French, it does not invent, he There will even be a romance with Milly and Joe's father. It is a film that is well worth it and restores a child's soul, it does not refuse.

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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 04/06/2019 Rating : note
Tim BURTON has made "Dumbo" a personal film, which works like an abyss of his own place in the world and within the Disney Empire which he offers us a hilarious satire. Indeed the (mis) adventures of the elephant with big ears look like two drops of water to those experienced by the creator of the story of "The Strange Christmas of Mr. Jack" (1994). Too Gothic for the enchanted kingdom, his universe was first put on the touch (stone) before being finally triumphantly welcomed into studios and parks (goodies included) when success was at the rendezvous. It's exactly the same thing to Dumbo. Despised and rejected at first for his nonconformity, he later became the superstar of the "Dreamland" entertainment cathedral directed by megalomaniac boss Vandemere (Michael KEATON). There's even a store where you can pick up stuffed animals and one of the attractions, "The Carousel of Progress" is a true copy of the one at Disneyworld. As the criticism of Télérama says, "We appreciate that Tim BURTON even for laughs, bit a bit the hand that feeds him" ^^. Because of course Dumbo does not bow to the game we want him to play and escapes those who want to tame.
However, this delightful aspect does not hide the softness and the poetry of the original work that Tim BURTON manages to restore with a lot of intelligence. I think in particular of the way in which it pays tribute to the cult scene of the parade of the pink elephants or its reconstitution of the number of the fire clowns. His elephant in computer graphics has an anima that makes him irresistible, and is filmed with great tenderness. Finally the film has a small side engaged against the enslavement of the animal by the man who did not exist in the original version.
All these qualities make it possible to close the eyes on the addition of human characters so little worked that they appear more toc than Dumbo and his mother such as Holt (Colin FARRELL) and his children or Colette the trapeze artist (Eva GREEN). The "Freaks" aspect of the film is therefore superficial but "Dumbo" is one of the rare remakes in real shots of Disney classics that stand out.
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Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the movie in a theater in 3D on the 04/23/2019 Rating : note
Very moving and sad at the same time. We really focus quickly on the characters. It is a very beautiful story and I like to see that they keep the emphasis on the mother and child bond. So, the story of Dumbo makes us nostalgic and it's nice to watch. I think it's amazing to see the audience astonished by the fact that Dumbo knows how to fly, since it's not every day that we see that. So, I would say that the version of Tim Burton is to see, I strongly suggest it.

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note has seen the movie in a theater in 3D on the 05/02/2019 Rating : note
A very good live adaptation of Dumbo with good distribution and good special effects we find less the universe / key to the world of Burton but still a good entertainment and suggests a sequel. Plus, Keaton is not convincing enough in nasty and the psychological side is not worked enough. However, the film suggests a sequel.

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