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in 2018

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01/20/2019      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 01/19/2019 Rating : note
It is a sequel to the movie "Split" released in 2017 with the characters of the film "Unbreakable" released in December 2000 with David Dunn as unique survivor of a railway disaster that killed 131 and Elijah Price who has been suffering since its birth from a form of osteogenesis called "glass bones".
We are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and a psychopath who is going to put on 23 different personalities of which that of the beast has just kidnapped cheerleaders and he intends to kill them and he keeps them captive in an abandoned brick factory in a industrial zone which is just as much. On the other hand, David Dunn, the unbreakable, founded a company that specializes in the sale of security solutions with his own son, since he has devoted his life as a vigilante, and he is very keen to find the girls kidnapped by the psychopath to try to save them, he will eventually cross the insane in the street and the red stains that stain the clothes of the bandit reveal him that the girls are trapped in a briquèterie, as he is in communication with his son, the latter reveals to him through the internet the exact place where this disused factory is, he goes to save the poor girls at the moment when the madman arrives and a fight between the unbreakable and the beast will occur and David Dune will rush his opponent through a window and the two men will fall heavily on the pavement outside where it is pouring rain, at which time the two fighters will be surrounded by police forces. to the orders of Dr. Ellie Staple who is a psychiatrist and the beast who is one of the personalities of Kevin Wendell Crumb is neutralized by hypnotic lamps with David the driving rain is enough to neutralize it because of a traumatism of childhood .. .
This is the type of Hollywood blockbuster film with a puncture in other films already shot. This is not strictly a sequel while being one and unfortunate to those who have not seen the other films where evolve characters that we will see in this adventure, of course we can certainly s to pass, but it's not so good. The film, or at least the psychologist who plays an important role there, wants to make the super-heroes who animate the "comics" ticking off on the premise that as soon as there is a super vigilante, there is also necessarily a super villain and the benefit of one is canceled by the other and we can say that it is true. The psychiatrist has developed a medical procedure to help them get rid of their delirium and drastically but the public, ie we are still outraged that David Dunn our unbreakable is part of the lot because it is find it nice. Well we doubt it, all this will go lollipop because our Mr Glass that everyone sees inert under tranquilizer has more than one in his bag. There is too much imagination in this scenario and it is not as unbridled as we would like, we have a lot of fun to see our favorite actors, but that's not enough and we find the time a little long especially as the duration of the film is really!

vu au Gaumont wilson Toulouse
01/20/2019      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma

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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 01/20/2019 Rating : note
I liked Incassable (2000), and did not see Split (2016) because a little too scary for me!

So Glass is scary, not too my style of film, a little slow, a little too much in the same scenery ..

But it's a Master shot!

The script is so well worked, the suspense is well managed, and has an original vision of superheroes.

James McAVOY is impressive, I understand why Split walked, and Bruce WILLIS is in his taciturn character, Samuel L. JACKSON is perfect even when he is sedated he makes us freaked out.

The few flashbacks are very well done, especially with Bruce Willis younger.

A film to see and review to note the small details.
01/21/2019      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 01/19/2019 Rating : note
Having liked "Unbreakable" and "Split" I was waiting for "Glass" with a lot of impatience ... but it was a big disappointment. There is no action for two hours, the movie is very slow. Something sounds wrong in this film at the form level; the dialogues, the scenario and the play of the actors seem completely naive, forced and artificial. "Glass" has neither the elegance of the first nor the cold and the humorous side of the second. It's soft and boredom settles from start to finish. Disappointed Shyamalan which I really liked the cinema until this big failure!
01/28/2019      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 01/27/2019 Rating : note
If I am generally resistant to superhero movies (there are still some exceptions with regard to Batman and Spiderman), I really like the works that interrogate their universe. For example, I was impressed by the lego sculptures that Nathan Sawaya had dedicated to the heroes of DC Comics, including a scary vision of a Superman found walled in his own cloak. It is in this same vein that is located "Glass", third part of a trilogy which makes the junction between "Incassable" (2000) and "Split" (2016). Indeed the title, "Glass" goes beyond the name of the character played by Samuel L. JACKSON. It illustrates in a disturbing way the famous phrase of Jean COCTEAU extracted from the movie "the Blood of a poet (1930)", "The mirrors would do well to think a little more before returning the images" ^^. Firstly because it is a film of reflection and not of action favoring fixity on the movement. The battles are for example systematically aborted, that of the end in the tower of Osaka being purely and simply retracted. Its glass surface reflects only the void, omnipresent throughout the film. This way of defeating the expectations of the viewer questions both the identity of the superhero and its place in the world. Mr. Night SHYAMALAN stresses the same paradox as Brad BIRD. Ubiquitous in American popular culture since the 1930s, superheroes are invisible in reality (hence the fact that it reflects only the void, the film of Mr. Night SHYAMALAN deliberately placed in a realistic register) . Is this the definitive proof that superheroes are just a myth and that their supporters are wrong to believe it or is it because they do not have the right to exist as they really are? ? In "The Incredibles" (2004), their integration is done at the price of the concealment of their true identity. In "Glass", they are locked up in the asylum (which implies that they are considered sick) in what is a very interesting reinterpretation of "Flight over a cuckoo's nest" (1975) (and a part of "The Army of the Twelve Monkeys" (1995) in which Bruce WILLIS played and which was also a tribute to the film Milos FORMAN). Dr. Ellie Staple (Sarah PAULSON) is a new Miss Ratched whose apparent sweetness hides black eradicating designs. Being in the register of manipulation, she keeps doubting the three men she must "treat" to destroy them from within and the planned operation on Elijah (the brain of the trio as manipulative as she) is an avatar of the lobotomy undergone by McMurphy with which she is engaged in a real power struggle. We appreciate all the more the final twist which perfectly illustrates the sentence of Cocteau, the flaw of the surveillance device residing precisely in the fact of recording images that are not reflected (by the guards-chiurmes of normality) can escape their control and serve as "proof" (even if they are only images and not reality, confusion is inevitable: "it's true, I've seen it" ^^).

"Glass" also has another interesting meaning. It refers to the vulnerability of superheroes who are mistakenly invincible. This aspect refers to Greek mythology, specifically Achilles, the hero of the Trojan War. His mother plunged him into the Styx, one of the Hell's rivers, to make his body invulnerable; but his heel, by which Thetis holds him, is not soaked in the river and remains that of a mortal. Therefore he dies of an arrow planted in the heel. Each of the three superheroes of "Glass" has a weakness that is fatal. David Dunn aka "The Unbreakable Man" or the "Supervisor" (Bruce WILLIS) is hydrophobic, Elijah Price aka Glass (Samuel L. JACKSON) suffers from Glass Bone Disease and the Beast aka Kevin Wendell Crumb alias the 22 other personalities of his "Horde" (James McAVOY) when brought back to his human condition does not survive bullets in the body. Because between the beast and the superman, these characters are above all men and it is this human dimension that makes them vulnerable. It goes through the clutches of time (brilliant flashbacks on scenes cut from "Uncannable" (2000) that reflect the aging of Bruce WILLIS and Spencer TREAT CLARK who plays his son), the traumas of childhood (at the origin of the hydrophobia of David while Elijah resists his lobotomy by remembering a scene where child he injured himself while making a ride of sensations, two scenes of flashbacks also cut from the film "Unbreakable" (2000) then that Kevin and Casey share indelible memories of abuse by one of their parents) and finally love for loved ones (the mother for Elijah, the son for David and Casey for Kevin, his contact being the only way to return him his humanity). By making them too human humans, it is ultimately our own humanity that Mr. Night SHYAMALAN questions.

vu au Gaumont Alésia
02/09/2019      partager tweet



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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 02/02/2019 Rating : note
I was looking forward to this suite, having loved "Split".
Unfortunately, the pace is uneven, the start is excellent, the part in the hospital is long and slow and the end is pretty good and surprising!
But there are still some scenes full of tension or emotions that are very effective.
The whole cast is very good: I loved finding Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson and James McAvoy, who is still exceptional in his many roles (when an Oscar? !!!) It was a real pleasure to see Anya T aylor Joy and Spencer Treat Clark again.
Shyamalan gave us an original trilogy about superheroes far from what we are usually sold and that's great!
"Glass" remains below my expectations but it is still a beautiful conclusion of a trilogy resolutely human.
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