Gloria Bell
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Gloria Bell

Gloria Bellnote


Directed by
in 2018

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05/02/2019      partager tweet
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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 05/02/2019 Rating : note
In fact he remake of the film «Gloria» 2013, by the director of the film, Sebastian Lelio, who has already received the Oscar du Meilleur film in foreign language.
We are in the United States at L.A and Gloria is divorced, she works in an insurance firm and lives in a nice apartment with a neighbor a little too noisy. She has a son and a girl already big because she is even the happy grandmother of an offspring of her son and her daughter will very soon grow the family. Well into her fifties, Gloria does not despair of meeting her soul, she loves to sing in her car and she also loves to dance, which is why she goes to nightclubs. One day she meets Arnold, we must admit that he approaches it a little shy. Arnold has a center where we play paintball, he is divorced too and he has two grown-up daughters, but if you can divorce your wife, you can not do it with your children and that's where the bat hurts ...
It's a story that is a bit banal with a divorced woman played beautifully by Julianne Moore and who meets in the autumn of her life when she is alone a divorced man like her and begins a tender story and carnal except that if Gloria has a balanced life and a loving family, Arnold is decked out with two pretty daughters on the edges and does not assume his past life. Of course it is not blatant like that and everything happens by phone calls on the sly, but the woman feels that going down this path will rot her life. This is not a film with a lot of action, we doubt it, but there is nevertheless a certain depth in the story of this woman who, despite everything, does not look for Prince Charming but a reliable companion. with whom to share his joys, even his fears and share a past life by assuming its unfolding. The film is punctuated with songs and the impromptu visit of a cat.

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