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12 Strong

12 Strongnote


Directed by
in 2017

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02/02/2018      partager tweet

carre 63


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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 02/02/2018 Rating : note
We can say that this is taken from a true story, that twelve GIs (on horseback) helped by a group of Afghans have done the biggest defeat in Al Quaida, the savior side of the world (we are the most strong) is quite painful to follow. Remains scenes of impressive fights that prevent spectators leave the room before the end. The actors in Rambo mode can not even move us. On that Trump will love this big film scurrying with patriotism.
06/06/2018      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen in blu-ray on the 06/06/2018 Rating : note
American cinema knows how to highlight the challenges of its country and its heroes who face it, no offense to the French viewer who can take this for exacerbated Americanism, or even imperialism.

Then, Horse Soldiers is obviously a Manichaeism assumed, where the Taliban are portrayed in the worst way and Americans with a courage and a heroism like no other. What is unfortunate in the conduct of the story is to never really fear for the life of this group of elite soldiers. Visually some sequences on horseback are superb, despite the ugly Afghan landscapes (filming in New Mexico). What gives a real visual cachet to the film, is the anachronism of these ultra-equipped soldiers of the 21st century who ride horses in the manner of fighters of other times.

Chris Hemsworth plays Mitch Nelson, the captain of this group of twelve Special Forces soldiers, and the Australian actor performs a convincing performance, at the height of the role he plays. He proves his great versatility after playing a car driver in Rush and a hacker in Hacker. On the other hand one wonders what Michael Shannon does in this film. For him it is minimum service at all levels.

In the end, Horse Soldiers, close to the movie "DuSang and Tears", will remain an entertainment that will appeal mainly to lovers of war films, as long as we are still very far from movies like "Il Faut Save Private Ryan "," Platoon "or" The Fall of the Black Falcon ";-)
06/21/2018      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note have seen the movie on the 06/21/2018 Rating : note
An excellent and very realistic film about so-called "historical" events of this modern conflict that is the fight against Islamist terrorism but which we must not talk about.
The actors are all excellent and we enjoy the beginning to the end of all these mini operations operated by jumping chip to reach an ultimate goal.
Great night.
02/06/2019      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the DVD on the 02/06/2019 Rating : note
Based on a true story, that of commando propel in Afghanistan, following the tragedy of the World Trade Center, to take a revenge on the terrorists and show that if we attack America the reprisals will be immediate.
So we follow this commando group, get active in a hostile country, win a mission with all possible air support, and escorted by a group of Afghan warriors.
Some will shout to propaganda, others to genius. It must be recognized that the fight scenes are successful and that we have the impression of eating sand, so action is shown us with realism. A film in honor of America and its fighters, certainly, but with good actors and a concern for detail that deserves a look.
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