John Wick 3: Parabellum
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John Wick 3: Parabellum

John Wick 3: Parabellumnote


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in 2018

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note has seen the movie in a theater IMAX on the 05/20/2019 Rating : note
Did you like the first? Yes. What did you think of the second? Just as good as first. So you are ready for this sequel. It is also breathless, percussive and convoluted. Pure entertainment, ingested with renewed pleasures. Extreme characters embark us on an odyssey with finds in the scenario that come to surprise us. There is resource in this river of action, swirls. So well scripted and surprising with as it should, action to resell. Good movie...
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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 05/23/2019 Rating : note

In short, John Wick 3 is a killer! In every sense of the term.

It's the perfect movie after a hard day at work

Okay, we must not be afraid of violence, but it is not gore either. By force, there is a funny side that settles and the film plays the top.

It's as if the film crew was happy, doing winks (matrix for example) and no longer trying to make a complicated movie: it's enjoyable.

No dead time, no unnecessary dialogues, but fighting, street fighting way. The scene of the dogs is super impressive.

I am not at all a fan of violence, I avoid in general, but here it is a good action movie.

To have

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note note has seen the movie in a theater on the 05/26/2019 Rating : note
Attention Critical hyper Subjective and filled with Spoil (Yeah sorry I could not do otherwise ^^)

So is John Wick 3 worthy of his predecessors? BUT YES BORDEL! And it's surprising!

Let's talk about what we are interested in ACTION!

What is magic and inventive? every action scene innovates and proves that Chad STAHELSKI is an artist of his kind!

The scene of the library, the scene with the dogs, the scene in the glass room, with the horses .... In short there is so much to quote! And everything is under control!

John Kills everyone and with all that comes to hand! And even with horses!

See Mark Dacascos, Tiger HU CHEN, Yayan Ruhian ... face Keanu REEVES is just a huge kiff!

Even Halle Berry in her Sofia role is perfect! no pseudo culture of feminism and it feels good!

Moreover more widely the cast is still as good!

In terms of scenario, frankly it's original, because this John Wick 3 manages to surprise!

As in the 2 we find John where we left him ... we expected John to face the world finally it is much more complex than that!

We discover a lot about John's passing, where he was trained ... it's short but it does not take more!

Ditto on the rest of the universe, we discover a lot, as the adjudicator of the big table that comes to remind the order every person who gravitates around John ..., the master of the big table ... the responsibility of each person in this world of assassin!

At the technical level, light, and more broadly photography is still interesting and impeccably managed!

Despite all these positive points, there are negative points ...

There are certain moments, especially in the last part of the film, where it is badly managed ...

Example: the fight against the two "twins" just before the one against Mark Dacascos does not serve much ... I really think we will have been able to remove it even if it's nice to find Yayan Ruhian in this scene .. .

The end is very surprising and ... quite disappointing, even if the 4 was more or less announced at the time of the first teaser of the third opus ... leave us again on an open end ... it's just lousy .. Moreover, John should have simply died following his fall ... it is therefore not credible to find him alive afterwards ... especially since the film has sold us for 3 opuses a realism in action.

In addition, the flip side of Winston on the end my really disappointed (purely subjective) but objectively it remains the best track to stop on a fourth opus ... but I would have preferred in another way that fall ...

In short! I'll be at the Rendez-vous for the 4th Opus, because John Wick remains to this day the most beautiful saga is action movie term ... But in view of the action in this third opus ... how are you ' he does better ... especially by remaining credible!

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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 05/23/2019 Rating : note
Picking up where the second film ended, the film embodies a manhunt, brutal, bloody and furiously panting. Yes VERY VERY brutal, I still do not understand why I will see this saga in the cinema ... probably for its aesthetic side;)
The fights are all different and always more innovative, which avoids boredom. In this one we find a lot the Asian world and I loved it. Photography is always sublime.
As for the performance of the actors, they have nothing more to prove. At the age of 54, Keanu Reeves has the luxury of being more convincing than ever. Halle Berry is badass wish, Mark Dacascos in master assassin funny ninja and hero's fanboy is awesome. Ian McShane is always so convincing and funny even in the middle of an epic action scene. Lance Reddick imperturbable in his costume, stay my darling
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