Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Jumanji: Welcome to the Junglenote


Directed by ,
in 2017

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12/26/2017      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 12/25/2017 Rating : note
The film follows Joe Johnston's first "Jumanji" in 1995 and the late Robin WILLIAMS in the lead with young Kirsten DUNST.
The famous game was found and offered in 1996 to the young teenager Alex who realizes that it is a board game and therefore that puts him aside, but this evil game has more than one trick in his bag and it will be transformed into a video game in the form of a snap-in cassette of "Nitendo" consoles and the young will realize it and play with it. We are then transported in our current years to a high school where 4 teenagers (two girls and two boys) will find themselves punished for indiscipline and will have to spend a Saturday afternoon in glue, they are brought to a reserve in the basement or the supervisor explains that old circulars will go into recycling by cons it will have to remove the staples, tedious work if it is. It is then that one of the boys, Spencer, will find the video game cassette "Jumanji" and he spots in a corner an old console and a monitor, so he will turn it on and plug the game, to have fun each high school student will then choose his avatar and click for confirmation, they will then be sucked into the console and find themselves in a jungle, but each in the skin of his avatar, is Spencer who discovers the first in the skin of a "Mr. Muscle" then Fridge who has lost 50 cm in height, Martha in the body of a girl rather like "Lara Croft" type and finally Bethany who she was a pretty girl in the skin of a male individual with a good weight, each has three features on the forearm ...
Should we make comparisons? Certainly not! If the first film was scary and classified in a field rather "Stephen King", the second is rather more in the field of comedy. Of course there is this quest where the four teenagers "avatarized" will have to fulfill a mission that is to make his eye jaguar stone and as in a video game he has three lives, except that there, we do not know not really what happens when the credits are exhausted. The teenagers are drawn into the game as in the movie "Tron" and everyone will have with his avatar qualities and defects that he will have to exploit to carry out their mission, one of the rather pretty girl teenager in the real world and who could not live without his smartphone will end up in the body of a man and it is Jack BLACK who holds the role and this rather singular situation is going to be the source of rather funny scenes, one goes in say as much of our wrestler-actor, Dwayne JOHNSON who has a disproportionate force and his accomplice Fridge who lost him in size but largely compensated in number of neurons. Of course our four adventurers will then meet Alex who had mysteriously disappeared in 1996 and who will then be part of the band even if his references, side actresses, are not in phase with that of his new companions. It is a film with a good dose of comedy and above all a great adventure worthy of a video game.

vu au Gaumont wilson Toulouse
01/04/2018      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 01/04/2018 Rating : note
A strong basic idea with this board game that had already surprised with its original story. There, we take the same game and then everything else is different. We play with the codes of current games that have evolved, and we balance teens in the body of the heroes of the game, with avatars as far away as possible from the real personalities of young people.
It's cleverly led by playing on the shift of personalities, and humor finds its place in this opus, then comes the action style movie of adventures, and not action movie silly to eat hay.
So yes, it's jubilant, see all these characters give the answer, with adult bodies and reflections of teens.
A hyper-smart cast, and a scenario that takes us into the universe Jumanji, with rhythm and twists.
It is undoubtedly the film to discover with family.
04/15/2018      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note have seen the movie on the 04/15/2018 Rating : note
A very good adventure movie of all kinds on the theme "in the jungle".
Good ideas, very good gags, action, bad guys etc ...
A very good evening for both of us.
06/07/2018      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note note has seen in blu-ray on the 06/07/2018 Rating : note
I love D Johnson but ...... What a disappointment! How can we make a remake too failed? The scenario was written by a kid of 10 years, the acting is bad, not funny jokes, and dialogues are endless! Action level, we do not see anything really new, no clinks of the old film, what a shame. When I think this nanar has brought in more than $ 900 million
For me this film is null from scratch
10/29/2018      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma

[Guru Expert]

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note has seen in blu-ray on the 10/28/2018 Rating : note
A good sequel to the original film with good reference to the latter and a good scenario I was pleasantly surprised the quartet works wonderfully vividly following
12/29/2018      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma
Texas Bronco

[Maitre Ciné]

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note has seen the DVD on the 12/29/2018 Rating : note
The back of the scenery did not convince me more than the original film. If the scenery is fun to see and some interventions have me happy, too many unexplained events slow down my involvement in the film. In addition, Dwaine Johnson that I like enough, does, in my opinion, Disney and this is not the place.
01/31/2019      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen on TV on the 01/29/2019 Rating : note
Since we are talking about a children's film, we must be indulgent. Of course the gags are huge and the characters are caricatures, but all that is assumed. To see with a child and he will surely laugh a lot.
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