The Curse of La Llorona
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The Curse of La Llorona

The Curse of La Lloronanote


Directed by ,
in 2018

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04/22/2019      partager tweet
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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 04/22/2019 Rating : note
It is a horror-horror film originally planned as an original film, but it is attached to the "Conjuring" saga. He tells us about a known Mexican legend.
In the 17th century a beautiful woman was married and the couple had two children, the husband was unfaithful, abandoned his wife and to avenge him, the woman drowned her own children, since this woman became specter looking for other children who would replace his. The film takes place during the year 1970 and Anna Tate-Garcia works for the protection of childhood, she is widowed, her husband was a police officer and she raises alone her two children Samantha and Chris. She is therefore a social worker and we will send her to a lady she knows to have followed her and whose children have significant absenteeism at school. Anna goes to this lady accompanied by a police officer as is the procedure, the social worker acts diplomatically against a woman who makes irrational remarks and she will find the two children locked in a closet and completely terrorized. The children will be entrusted to an organism but the next day we will find them drowned and their mother disconsolate and very angry will curse Anna ...
The legend of this curse named in Mexico "The llorona" (the mourning) is known in this country and it has nothing to do with the white lady legend in France of a woman doing the same. hitchhiking. Besides, we will see that this white lady has not washed her dress since the 17th century. Of course the director uses strings generally used in this kind of film, during a short period of lulling sudden appearance of the spectrum followed by a terrifying scream, which has the art of putting your hair on the head. Poor Anna, the heroine of the film must already support her recent widowhood, she seems to be very competent in her job and listening to people and here she is a victim of a spell cast by the very woman she wanted to help and forced to call on a former defrocked priest and ghost hunter with a rather subtle mix of Catholic prayers and demonic incantations. Well it surprises you must say, but you must love it and it is not really my cup of tea, but I will have tried. It must also be said that this kind of film attracts the "flies" of individuals who think they are alone in the world and that hinder enormously others and no need to say they do it on purpose.

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