The Huntsman Winter's War
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The Huntsman Winter's War

The Huntsman Winter's Warnote


Directed by
in 2015

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04/23/2016      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the movie in a theater in 3D on the 04/23/2016 Rating : note
It is a continuation of the film "Snow White and the hunter" of 2012, but without Snow White is simply mentioned and necessarily without Kristen Steward.
Princess Freya lives with her sister Ravenna in her castle, but the young princess who has not yet discovered her supernatural powers is in love and she will bear the fruit of this love. A child will be born and the young princess intends to leave with her child and her lover. She left the cradle to the care of a servant and must meet his love to set the terms of their departure. But suddenly she has a presentiment that agitates her, she returns to the room to discover the cradle where was his daughter devoured by the flames and worse, near this one his own lover a torch in hand that stammers. It is at this time that the young princess Freya will discover his powers, that of making appear the ice, his first victim will be of course his lover felon. The princess became the queen of ice then leaves the castle to create in the north his own kingdom where love will be banned. To create an invincible army, still young children are removed from their parents and must undergo a drastic, rigorous training and Spartan education and no question of evoking any kind of maternal love. The young Eric and Sara are part of a group of children kidnapped from their parents and subjected to hard training and over the years they will become very talented and successful except that will be born an attraction between the two ...
It's a fantastic movie, but a long time ago, it looked like a B-movie, but nowadays it has a huge budget. This is the kind of film that mixes a little genres, we come out of the drawer various fantasy tales and we surf a little on the wonderful, but dramatically and the sacralising. There is a bit of a mixture with the tale of Snow White and a little bit of the "Lord of the Rings" and a chouia of the "Snow Queen". There is a whole history with ups and downs, with a lot of wonderful and fantastic, especially an incursion in a forest with rather singular inhabitants and surprisingly rich. Of course the story has its suspense, its captivating side, its amazing and extraordinary and of course we know that love will prevail because if it was not the case the producer would have many problems in the future. about the box office. Despite this side abracadabrantesque, we get tired of this kind of tale that enrich other stories without really bringing originality. Of course it is interpreted by actors who are experienced in this kind of exercise and who, of course, do everything necessary to keep their fame. It's worth what it's worth, it lets itself be seen but it's a bit flat despite the means to improve its credibility. Since the beginning of the week the film has lost some of its aura by being downgraded to smaller rooms, while still quite spacious. Some good 3D effects, do not move on purpose, but if you miss, do not hesitate, especially if you have children (not too young).

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05/03/2016      partager tweet



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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 04/25/2016 Rating : note
The beginning of the film is a prequel to the first and then become a sequel, it seems complex but the story comes down to a romantic struggle, punctuated with humor and beautiful action scenes. At the casting level, Emily Blunt is a real surprise. Her performance stands out and brings a vulnerability, a real emotion, impressive, she is the central character and she is also reminiscent of Elsa, the unforgettable Frozen Disney! Charlize THERON is always so sublime and plays the wicked to perfection. Jessica Chastain is a true badass warrior. You will understand, this film is a film girl power! Special effects, sets and costumes are even more captivating and offer a sublime spectacle for the eyes!
This film did not leave me ice and you, you will let you transport yourself in this fairy world?
06/22/2016      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 04/21/2016 Rating : note
A second film just as nice as the first.

I was once again pleasantly surprised by this film. Both by the actresses that I find sublime, by the sets and the history, well turned, which teaches us more about the past of the hunter.
Everything starts in the past, then, with the betrayal of Freya by the man she loved and the murder of her child. Convinced by her sister Ravenna that love can not exist and invaded by rage, she exiles and creates an army with the children of the murdered villagers. But two of these children, despite being forbidden to love, will feel feelings for each other as they grow up and trigger their wrath.
The rest of the story happens in the present. We find the hunter in the kingdom of Snow White. He never forgot the one he loved. But, upon learning that Freya wants to seize the land by recovering the cursed mirror of his dead sister, he goes back to the fight to stop him with two of Snow White's dwarves ...

The sets, the characters, are still beautiful and charismatic. The action is very present but this time, the psychological side and feelings are much more present.
Betrayal, manipulation, adventure, action, love, revenge, grudge, friendship, humor ... are at the rendezvous.
The dwarves are excellent, I laughed more than once at their wry spreads.
The final is great, and I admit that I was delighted to discover that it announced a sequel because I still am not tired, strangely.

So this is a very good movie that I advise you to go see if it is not already done!
06/25/2016      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 06/25/2016 Rating : note
My last film of this Festival of Cinema 2016. I would say without real surprises, that does not mean that I did not appreciate. This is usually the kind of movie I will see at this annual event. Here, by cons, a lot of special effects but we go for it and then the beautiful Charlize THERON and the cute Emily BLUNT. What does not spoil anything !!!

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09/13/2016      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen in blu-ray on the 09/11/2016 Rating : note
And who looked so late when he discovered at the end of this film that it was a sequel? ===> Bibi.
Good, balance sheet: Scenes of action: nice; Scenery: very nice; History: it changes a little, especially the idea of ​​child soldiers; Charlize THERON we do not see enough !; And the B.O. is not bad.
Well, I just have to see more .... finally, the beginning ....
Come on, good movie to all
11/03/2016      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma
Lucky Burton


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note has seen the movie in a theater in 3D on the 04/23/2016 Rating : note
It's nice, it's beautiful, it's funny but the film never know if it must be a Prequel or a suite, and that's very disturbing!

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03/08/2019      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma
Texas Bronco

[Maitre Ciné]

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note has seen the DVD on the 03/08/2019 Rating : note
I have, by far, preferred this episode of the Hunter. In the first place, I had no knowledge of Andersen's tale, which, from what I read, had no connection with Snow White, then I find it less dark, and in tone and in the landscapes. So the film happens before and after Snow White and the Hunter, I looked for how to define this kind of film, but I did not find anything.
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