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in 2019

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06/08/2019      partager tweet
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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 06/08/2019 Rating : note
A scenario imagined by Scott Landes by an almost similar memory of when he was 15 years old and where an adult put at the disposal of the youth his own basement.
We are in a small town in Ohio where a bunch of 15-16 year old friends and family are looking for a party, they would like to buy alcoholic beverages for drinking in a wasteland where there are some ruins in the area. away from the city, but for that you have to buy the drinks at the store and you must be of age to do it, so it's all about finding a passing adult and asking him to make the purchases except that most refuse. Maggie is a newcomer to the locality who sticks to challenge passers-by who are reluctant to accept and she will finally meet Sue Ann, who at first refuses the deal and finally accepts it after some hesitation. Sue Ann is a solitary, overweight woman working in a veterinary practice where she does secretarial work and grooming. She lives in a secluded home away from the city and eventually gains the sympathy and confidence of the young people to whom she will offer her basement so that they can party without being hunted by the police, against it will set specific rules, the first being to call it Ma ...
The main role is played by the excellent Octavia Spencer who specialized in the role of African-American women victim of segregation. There the film tells us something else, if the film is a thriller classified horror-horror, it is none the less credible and we saw similar situations and even worse happen, for cons we will not say more for not not spoil the suspense. The producer is known to specialize in horror film as the "Insidious" saga. We will recognize that this one is of another temper and there is nothing mysterious nor paranormal. In fact he lets himself be followed from the beginning to the end and some flashbacks will enlighten us on the motivations of each other. We will say that if there are excesses in the action, no one is really innocent, maybe some young people who have not yet had the time to be devious, and still .. The film is very addictive and deserves a little detour.

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