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Men in Black International

Men in Black Internationalnote


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in 2019

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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 06/16/2019 Rating : note
It is a spin-off of the famous saga Men in Black but without Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, as in the first few parts it is an institution responsible for controlling the presence of aliens on Earth.
While a quiet couple in New York is witnessing without really being the tribulations of an extraterrestrial mop, they will deal with Men in black who go with a neurolaser clear their memory. What the MIB do not know is that a little girl saw the scene from her window and she allowed the alien who did not look dangerous to escape her pursuers. Many years later, this girl who has become grown up has no choice but to join this noble institution of Men in Black. She will then track movement in space, a sign that aliens are landing on Earth and she is actually detecting a movement in the city of New York, she will see on the spot because her goal and follow the MIB up to their premises that she wants to enter except that she gets noticed and she will be entitled to the interrogation room where the agent O wants to know what are his intentions. The girl wants to integrate the institution and she is very convincing. Thus the agent O will "hire" as trainee the girl who will take the nickname of agent M and she will be sent on a mission to London. It is in the British capital that she will meet the agent H, a fop who has a reputation of hero, indeed with the help of High T, he will have saved Paris the world d? an armed conflict that would have been fatal for our planet and the agent M has ceases to have to work with the agent H ...
As the MIB saga has had some success we understand very well the creation of this spin-off. It is always question of extraterrestrial which is on our planet and that well sheltered from the prying eyes of the population, when a scene is in front of witnesses the MIB uses a neurolaser to erase the memory of the lambda individuals . Of course in the lot of the aliens, there are good and bad too and the men in black are the police and use the extra-terrestrial technology to come to an end. Here it is a super powerful and very destructive weapon whose villains want to seize and fortunately the new recruit a "woman in black" will prove itself and be quite omniscient to detect traps, ins and outs. As in the beginning of the saga it is a mix of science fiction and action with a good little humorous side, which is not unpleasant. To unravel the plot, it was necessary to find the "mole" who in the institution pulled the strings, knowing that the future of the planet depended on it and of course we will silence it to let you discover it. We will say that it is fun and it may deserve a detour.

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