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in 2018

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11/24/2018      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 11/23/2018 Rating : note
It is a film about the mission of a group of Americans parachuted into Normandy and charged with a mission to destroy a German transmitter one day before the landing.
We are on the eve of the Allied landing in Normandy and a plane carries a section responsible for damaging a German transmitter, just to disrupt communications for the D-day. This plane exceeds the ships that all go to the Normandy coast and the soldiers are on the alert. It is the sergeant who will give the order of the parachute and the Corporal Ford specialized in the explosives is of the part. As the French coast approaches, the plane is spotted and the DCA jumps around dangerously shaking the aircraft and the paratroopers' dropping will be done in haste and in pain. The first class Boyce is in the game and his parachute will open to the extreme limit, he will even see the plane that was carrying him explode when he had just left him and Boyce will land in a pond he will cut with his dagger the ties that hold him to the parachute and out of the water happily safe and sound, this is unfortunately not the case of many of his comrades who hang miserably in height hanging inert to branches Some of the trees were blown up by DCA fire and others were picked up by the enemy's weapons. He is going to see his sergeant facing German soldiers who are throwing their weapons and he decides to retaliate, when suddenly Corporal Ford appears behind him and prevents him from making this fatal gesture for both the sergeant and himself. While the sergeant will be sacrificed, but they have a mission to accomplish before the sunrise and the lives of thousands of allies depend on it ...
So far so normal, it is a mission quite credible and it is certain that allied soldiers had to perform similar. Then some survivors of the parachute will go to the village where the goal is a large antenna attached to the church steeple, except that they will discover something else. First, the French inhabitants of the French village are terrified. The Nazis use them as guinea pigs for experiments without worrying whether it will succeed or not and this is the first class Boyce who will discover the pot to the roses, quite by chance when entering with a truck loaded with corpses in the very precincts of the German garrison. So the movie is horror-horrifying and deserves this title. The film's first role is that of the first-class Boyce who is an African-American and when it was pointed out that there was no black paratrooper in the US Army because the segregation was affecting the army to At this time, the director pointed out that there was no secret Nazi laboratory in Normandy either. Indeed the film is a fiction that marries the adventure side of the mission with a bit of fantasy to bristle the hair of the audience and it is his goal. We will say that he has a good time and it is already that and his mysterious side gives originality to the adventure, he lets himself see even if he will not stay in the annals.

vu au Gaumont wilson Toulouse
02/07/2019      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen in blu-ray on the 02/07/2019 Rating : note
Mix the war-historic genre with the horror-horror why not, as did Dead Snow? In any case on this Overlord I found the first part of the film very interesting with the enemy online parachuting and the discovery of the village and the famous church of horrors. Directly we fit perfectly into the atmosphere.

Then, a pity that the second part goes all alone in all directions, there is some good and some good, we sometimes grotesque in the reactions of some characters or other stereotypes and some regrettable screenwriting facilities.

The aesthetics of the film nevertheless remains very beautiful and participates perfectly in this unhealthy atmosphere that emanates from the film. The gore is also at the rendezvous and I can not say that the film is flanking this side, nor on its very sustained pace.

In the end I would say that Overlord will remain a good entertainment with a lot of imperfections, however there is a particular atmosphere that remains his strong point for me, as long as the footage falls at times in facilities and clichés unpleasant ;-)
02/17/2019      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note have seen the movie on the 02/17/2019 Rating : note
I just love it ! Overlord it's happening in Normandy.
My Norman roots make it speak to me excessively. I imagine that the imaginary village could be that of St Mother Church known for its parachutist hanging on the belfry ...
The mix of real war and fiction (whatever, who really knows) is interesting and gives suspense and action and more ...
This film is a pearl! We spent a very pleasant evening.
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