A Walk in the Woods
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A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woodsnote


Directed by
in 2015

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01/13/2016      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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18 amis 2219 avis 

note has seen the movie in a theater on the 01/13/2016 Rating : note
It is the adaptation of a travel novel on the Appalachian Trail. A sort of humorous "trail movie" and yet the film is really little publicized with a super star in the person of Robert REDFORD the same as in "Butch Cassidy and the Kid" and "The scam", but in veteran version .
Bill Bryson is a famous and beloved writer who even participates in television interviews, he was a former fighter who traveled a lot, especially abroad and today he should live with his family, a well-deserved retirement at 70 years passed. Except that it is not his style and this inactivity weighs a lot. One day while walking in the woods, he crosses the famous hiking trail of the Appalachian Trail and he decides to do the 3510 kilometers of the course. He tells his wife Catherine and the latter is not enthusiastic, she will even find articles with the various accidents encountered by hikers on the same circuit, in front of the determination of her husband, it only imposes? only one condition, that he does not leave alone. Bill will call his friends to try to find someone who would like to share the experience with him and that's the fiasco. Yet he is going to receive the call of Stephen Katz an old friend lost for a long time. The latter has heard the news from a mutual friend and he is in agreement to accompany him. When he arrives at the airport Bill will find that he hobbles a little, that he can not do without snacking every hour and that he had to blow up his "Terraillon" one morning before The breakfast...
It's a fun and funny movie, the essentials are on the beautiful Appalachian Trail that connects Mount Springer in Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Maine, it eventually extends into Canada, it is long to go. about 3510 Kilometers and passes by beautiful landscapes and it is relatively frequented, some shelters and even motels line the course. Our two friends will make some unexpected encounters, untimely and some even dangerous and each will be described with a humor sometimes quite "pliers without laughter", the important thing is that it remains good child and even it makes you want to put his "Trappers" and do this hike. It is of course beautifully interpreted and it collegially, hikers have done their stunts themselves, which is commendable and the images are necessarily beautiful. The film was not announced in the multiplex and it is a surprise, for cons, there was no movie ad, no display which explains a small room and still not too busy, yet it we'll see.

vu au Gaumont wilson Toulouse
08/26/2018      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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23 amis 1205 avis 

note has seen on TV on the 08/26/2018 Rating : note
Until the end of his career, even in his life, I think? Robert REDFORD will always campaign for the safeguard of our planet, rare are the films where it does not approach this subject and it is very well like that! I saw with great pleasure Nick Nolte who, in recent years was more rare on the screen ... where at least I did not hear too much about him ... They form a good duo of actors in this return to nature.
02/01/2019      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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1 amis 736 avis 

note has seen the DVD on the 02/01/2019 Rating : note
The film struggles to position itself, frank comedy, drama, a bit of both, in short, we do not know where we set foot, and on a trail of 3000km, it would be better to know. One delights in finding Redford, and Nolte, but the poor man with a good deal of morbidity, and he is as comfortable in this role as an elephant in a porcelain shop. So this little bluette is fun to watch, but it deserves to be sharper, we have a good time thanks to the actors, but, I'm afraid it will not date in their career.
03/29/2019      partager tweet


[Accro au ciné]

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2 amis 221 avis 

note has seen on TV on the 03/26/2019 Rating : note
A rather surprising film, an ode to nature and friendship, two things Robert Redford attaches great importance to.
This film is pleasant to see. far from their usual roles, the actors camp (without a play on words, with humor, two characters who find themselves after many years and are marked by time.
It offers a good moment of relaxation while presenting splendid landscapes. Although this is their acting, however, we perceive a nice complicity with these two "sizes" of US cinema.
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