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05/21/2019      partager tweet
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note has seen in avant-première on the 05/19/2019 Rating : note

Carried away by this strong, funny and sad story of love and friendship.
An inventive and dynamic musical comedy.

Taron Egerton transcends the role.

So sometimes the film leaves the likelihood to be less bio and more musical comedy, which can disturb the viewer.

The last part of his life, with interesting events, is hardly mentioned.

We come out with wet eyes and a big smile, it's a feel good movie

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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 06/03/2019 Rating : note
The film was premiered out of competition at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. It's a biopic about part of the life of world star Elton John.
An individual dressed as a devil has just entered the premises of alcoholics anonymous, we must recognize the singer and composer Elton John who admits to having an addiction to alcohol and have consumed all the drugs that exist around the world and he will tell us his story that begins in early childhood. The boy is named Reginald Dwight, his father never liked him and his mother was rather indifferent, there is only his grandmother who had some affections for him and it is even she who discovers his ability to play piano and proposes that he take classes. He will discover that his mother to a lover and his father will leave the matrimonial home never to return. The young Reginald will progress in music and he even composes songs, he will find a lyricist Bernie Taupin and be inspired for the first song out of the ordinary so much that it sends to LA in a famous box: The troubadour where he will ignite the room with "Crocodile Rock", he will have changed his name to wear the pseudonym Elton John ...
The film takes a few liberties between fiction and reality, but you should know that Elton John himself has left some white cards and that also for the way that will have Taron Egerton to interpret the great success of the singer. The film is built a bit like a musical, that is to say that at very precise moments the actors on the set make the show, including that of the "Sarurday Night's Alrightfor Fighting" which is grandiose and will appeal to more than 300 extras and 50 dancers. This gives us a glimpse of the career of the famous rock star and we know a little more about what inspired these many successes. A good distribution with an exceptional work of the actor Taron Egerton who takes the role of the star. Judging by the film "The voice of forgiveness", it is undeniable that having insensitive and distant parents is essential to compose success in the song, we even come to regret having had loving parents , that said just for the joke. It is a good biopic that will encourage us to release our CDs for some auditions and we can really advise.

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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 06/04/2019 Rating : note
A very deep film where I learned more about Elton John, whom I admire enormously, who fish by a staging in phase with the personality of the star, so may disturb the viewer lambda.

Dexter Fletcher chooses the mix of genres, from musical comedy to biopic, to tell us a part of Elton John's life, from his childhood to his consecration. He chose to highlight the genius of the pianist, his unfailing friendship with his lyricist Bernie Taupin, responsible for his greatest hits early career and those who give a boost to it (with "I 'm still standing', in particular, a wonderful scene that includes the clip's images), and his homosexuality in a time when it was not necessary to talk about it, especially in Perfide Albion. It goes very far in the demonstrative and plunges us squarely into the meanders of the brain tortured and altered by alcohol and drugs. The only downside I would put is in the scene where Elton John comes to present his pieces to a producer and the latter asks him to play them. The pianist sends him titles that will not see the light until much later (like twenty years later). I, the inconsistency disturbed me.

And there is Taron Egerton! No resemblance to the man with a thousand pairs of glasses, but an exceptional faculty to make us forget. And it is Elton John that we see struggling against his demons. The actor, friend with the singer since "Kingsman", fulfills his role with a rare devotion and gives us a remarkable performance. He is helped by a rather well-chosen cast, including Jamie Bell, who makes a Bernie Taupin (someone I admire necessarily too much) really interesting.

Far from being a politically correct film, "Rocketman" is a pretty successful biopic that brought me tears to the eyes of happiness, which draws on the most discreet infos of the star, while seeking to please with his tubes the more famous. They spend almost all there, sung by Egerton himself. A nice tribute to this rocker that has thrilled several generations. I recommend...

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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 06/05/2019 Rating : note
Oddly, the film did not receive a benevolent critical welcome. Certainly the choice to opt for a musical to tell the tortured course of Elton JOHN may be confusing but I must admit that this choice me rather packed. In addition to the pleasure of a fireworks of colors, extravagance and Elton's tubes, which gives the surplus to the film is the incredible performance of Taron EGERTON simply stunning in the title role. A very good time spent with "Rocketman".
06/08/2019      partager tweet
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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 06/07/2019 Rating : note
A very good biopic on this legendary singer who puts the emphasis on his moment of decadence and these extravagances to have and see again for the fan and to ride in the same style as Mamma Mia! (2008)

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