Cold Pursuit
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Cold Pursuit

Cold Pursuitnote


Directed by
in 2018

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02/27/2019      partager tweet
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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 02/27/2019 Rating : note
It is a remake of the Norwegian thriller "Cool" by the same director, When we think it is classic to remake a remake for the Anglo-Saxon except that the fact that it is the same director is more rare, but not as much as one might think.
Nels Coxman is a Snow Plow Operator, he works for the Kehoe Winter Sports Station in Colorado, Nels is a hard worker, he almost continuously clears the roads leading to the station, he is married to Grace and he has a 21-year-old son who is employed as a porter in the small local airport. Nels is very popular in the small town and he has just been elected man of the year and an evening is organized in his honor. By cons around the airport, his son is kidnapped by henchmen of a big drug dealer in Denver, he is going to be run underhand by heroin overdose, a way like another to hide the crime . Of course when the corpse is found and brought to the morgue, the parents are called for recognition, the lawyer concluded overdose. Of course Nels does not want to believe that his son was drugged, but the police often hear the same chorus and class the case. In the Coxman family, it begins to tear apart, as is often the case with the violent death of the only child. Nels even considers the worst for him and is seriously preparing for suicide, it is then that he will meet a colleague of his son's work in a dismal state and he will know the end of the case and he do not want to stop there ...
Because Liam Neeson is the main character, we think a little about the "Taken" saga of our national Luc Besson and we even start to have a little compassion for the individuals who eliminated Nels' son in saying that they will spend a quarter of an hour and even worse, it must be said that the big dealer is not very friendly and deserves the fate that is reserved for him, but the case goes to complicate more than one thinks because the Indians of the corner, for lack of not to hunt the bison are the direct competitors of Viking, the godfather of Denver and in title highly suspected of the first mysterious disappearances. It will follow an unprecedented hecatomb that is delivered to us a little humorous in announcing the death of each individual who dippers in this illegal traffic with a sign that tells us the religion. What does the local police do, she just counts the points. Besides that, Viking's son, a very young boy whose character is diametrically opposed to his father's, passes between the bullets. A rather odd story with a sampling of the human soul in what it has more perverse, but which at least has the advantage of being told with a lot of verve and wit, is a good time to pass.

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carre 63

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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 02/28/2019 Rating : note
Nothing new on the screenplay side, once and for all not to annoy him Liam. Otherwise the law of retaliation is not far. No it is not on this side that comes the (measured) interest of the film. It is in his second degree and the humor that emerges that the film manages to emerge and to pass the pill. NEESON is always so expressive, hemoglobin flows freely, the characters fall like flies and the viewer is pleasantly surprised (in any case, that's my case). Why not !
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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 03/03/2019 Rating : note
Hans Petter Moland remake here his own film "Cool". Liam Neeson returns with a new badasserie "Cold Blood", embodying both a thriller, a western under the snow and a surprising black comedy. Ironic and violent at the same time, I immediately thought of the movie "Fargo" of the Brothers C oen.
We are therefore entitled to a new movie revenge rather successful because it finds the balance between seriousness and casualness.
Casting side, Emmy Rossum is top in young fliquettte idealist, Liam Neeson wonder of accuracy and sobriety, Tom Bateman is perfect in the role of a sociopath / pamphlet magnet ...
Finally, I did not expect it, but I had a good time in front of this jubilant film, light and muscular. Perfect to disconnect 2h :)
03/11/2019      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 03/11/2019 Rating : note
Well, there is a bit of renewal. One might expect the good classic action movie that Liam Neeson gives us to discover from Taken, but no, there, even if the film starts on this line, all of a sudden, it takes a turn, and Neeson, gives way to a less conventional plot. So certainly, the line is very supported, the characters are very caricatural, but everything goes without displeasure. The humor, unexpected and succeeds defuses tense situations between two scenes. The cold, the snow, the inspiration of the director, we are on velvet.
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