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A Quiet Place

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in 2017

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note has seen in avant-première on the 05/31/2018 Rating : note
Without a sound? You will hear about it.
If you are fond of tense environments, jump scares and monsters, the best you can do is go without seeing a trailer or read (too) criticism for you do not disclose.

Still there ? Too bad for you !
In his third film, John Krasinski stars alongside Emily BLUNT to play the role of a family man who will do everything to protect his family from an overpowering predator who hunts only for hearing. In this world, everything is a matter of precautions: the slightest cry is fatal, an awkward gesture can be fatal, a battery toy becomes a loaded weapon.
We enter rather well in this universe. If the first minutes seem long, it is because it takes time for the tension of the atmosphere to take place. But when it's done, nothing but the credits will stop it.
In a silent world, emotions go through the eyes and the gestures. If the main actors excel in this art, they are not served by their junior companions. The choice of Millicent Simmonds, turned deaf at 3 years, is particularly judicious.
Apart from some shortcuts a little easy, the film is pretty good. If one would have appreciated a more modern vision of the American couple, the stereotypes of the housewife and the hunter man, responsible and ingenious, serve with justice the main problematic of the history, like the idle explosion of a time bomb.
Let yourself be brought into this silent and tense world, you will not regret it. However, be careful with your neighbors: if in a classic movie phone ringtones, chewing popcorn and conversations can be embarrassing, there they can really get you out of the film. You will look meanly at the indelicate who will have dared to open his candy wrapper during the screening.
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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 06/22/2018 Rating : note
It is John Krasinski who is the director of this science fiction thriller, but he is not only in command, he plays there and in addition he is a producer.
Creatures of extraterrestrial origin have invaded the Earth and caused confusion. It is more than a year that the world lives in the distress near the apocalypse, the peculiarity of these beings is that they are blind, by cons they have a very developed hearing and we can escape them provided ??be silent. The Abbott family is composed of Evelyne, the mother who is pregnant, father Lee, the youngest Marcus, the youngest Beau and the eldest Regan who is deaf and it is thanks to her certainly that the whole family is able to communicate through sign language. Right now the whole family who lives on a secluded farm has gone to town to pay a visit to the supermarket of the completely deserted locality, the youngest is sick is Evelyn went to the pharmacy department to seek a cure, of course the family benefits for her? To supply and take some tools and electronic equipment because Lee is a handyman and he improves the hearing aid of his daughter and he tries to communicate with possible survivors. The youngest is well tempted by a toy, it is a small space shuttle, but Lee forbids it because the toy makes noise, it takes advantage of it to remove the batteries. The family sets out, but despite the father's ban, Regan allows his younger brother to take the toy, but he takes the opportunity to also take the batteries that his father left on the counter. On the way back the boy is late, he dies to try his toy that alarms everyone when the latter starts it, Lee does not have time to react, a species Monstrous creature walks over the boy to catch him at the speed of lightning ...
The originality comes from its rather special creatures that have already plunged the Earth into chaos and left few survivors, one can even wonder if it is a technologically advanced alien civilization capable of making sidereal journeys. A bit like in the excellent novel by the author of SF Van Vogt "The fauna of space", we will find a creature that comes out completely of the ordinary and as we imagine that the attack was spontaneous and surprising, the Earth is helpless with few survivors. The family will live in the most complete silence, except that the conditions are not too favorable with a woman who is about to give birth and a girl who can not forgive the death of her younger brother. Of course you have to stock up, do gardening, fishing and daily chores and all this without saying a word, the usual paths are marked with sand to reduce the noise of footsteps and even in the house marks are placed on the floor to avoid squeaking the floor. As in all thrillers events will chained at the worst time to push the suspense to a climax and even some scenes will make us hair on the head. The film was also offered in a newly-developed room in Dolby Cinema with a pretty upscale supplement with an extraordinary sound, but for a film with so little dialogue and based on non-noise it could be a useless luxury. The film is still very exciting and captivating and we can advise it with a lot of noise (I'm kidding of course).

vu au Gaumont wilson Toulouse
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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 06/24/2018 Rating : note
Third feature film by director and actor John Krasinski, a real phenomenon in the United States, where he exploded the box office when it was released, "Without a sound" arrives with fanfare in France.
The staging is effective and we are, from the first minutes, immersed in the heart of this terrible story. We identify very quickly with the characters, which reinforces the tension that stops only in the credits ... and again;)
The film plays beautifully with silence and sounds, drawing an effective sensory experience, which helps create a sense of oppression, stress and mystery.
The casting is also one of the other reasons for the success of the film, John Krasinski and his wife, Emily Blunt, hold the head of the film and their complicity works perfectly. But we must also count on Millicent Simmonds and Noah Skirt, who are perfectly assured.
I could go on for hours on this original film, intense, that really blew me, chilled blood and amazed but I prefer to tell you to go and quickly because it is probably one of the best entertainment in the world. ??summer !
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Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 07/02/2018 Rating : note
Halfway between "Signs" by Mr. Night Shyamalan and one of Luc BESSON's first feature films "Le dernier combat" for his description of a post-apocalyptic world that is almost entirely silent, Without a Noise is a film of Horror rather effective in its staging with some impeccable passages in suspense and dramatic tension for failing to offer an innovative or inventive scenario.

There are some very good ideas, but there are other passages that are much more classical and predictable. So in the end it may not be a revolution in the genre of horror cinema but it remains an honest satisfaction without forgetting the performance of the actors ;-)
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Avis Cinéma


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note has seen in blu-ray on the 08/05/2018 Rating : note
The plot is original, that of making a film almost and exclusively sound and with very few dialogues (max 3 minutes) which gives a real boost of tension. Despite real and many inconsistencies in the concept, we are totally caught up in the film. Splendid sound effects and the BO that does a lot, but a beautiful achievement and especially the creature is as scary. I had a good time
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Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the DVD on the 03/06/2019 Rating : note
No it will not be the film that has made us the most shaking. The story, although it remains original is somewhat wobbly, the atmosphere reminded me of the atmosphere of the War of the Spielberg worlds. Perhaps this scene is happening in the basement of the house occupied by Tim Robbins is for something.
Beyond this impression, the tension remains present from the first scenes. The tension rises as the film unfolds, but there are some lengths in the first part. Then we are taken by the life of this family that survives more than it lives. AND one wonders why, they did not settle at the edge of the river since the sound of the stream could cover their noise ... but hey, if it were the case there would be more film. So we bet that writers will find a good story for the second part because the last scene does not necessarily see the best. We should not fall on the hunt for monsters beast and evil, by obscuring what made the interest of this film, ignorance and fear pegged the body of his anti-heroes who fight each in their own way to their survival . No horror, just a film that plays on fears, and that takes us into the daily life of a family on the edge of the precipice.
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Avis Cinéma

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note note has seen on TV on the 06/13/2019 Rating : note
September 12, 1979, a slap!

40 years later (to 3 months),
one more slap but the other hand!

It was a Wednesday, in one of the cinema of the pedestrian street of Lille, it projected Alien, the eighth passenger (1979).

This film "A Quiet Place" translated into "No More Noise" makes us "travel" in 'the interstellar void' (or the sound does not pass) and where we MUST NOT attract "the beast" otherwise ...

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