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Long Shot

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in 2019

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carre 63

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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 06/04/2019 Rating : note
A comedy rather well seen despite a French title badly chosen it must be admitted. Carried by the elegance and talent of a Charlize THÉRON very comfortable and credible in future president and the slaughter and humor a little bit of a Seth ROGEN offbeat and rough release, the improbable duet seduces in a film that makes us have a good time. Why not !
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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 06/06/2019 Rating : note
Seduce me if you can: french title rotten and probably proposed by a group of creative, at the very end of the day, when it would be better to take a break rather than to shoot the few chances of profits of the film on the French territory . In the end, barely 200 kEntrées for a romantic comedy that deserved better.
Quebecers have done in the first degree by titling 'the good shot' but go see this film, in fact, in "worth the candle", which could have been the name given to this pochade, which seems to question nothing political life and ideals in addition to being a very bad trip couple ... until final denouement. The biggest defect of the film: its duration greater than 2 hours and a partition of 3 parts which loses strength as one advances in the film. The meeting is superbly treated, magic; the love effects of the meeting on the two protagonists are approached in a nice but banal way. As for the last part, next to 'the president and miss Wade' is a model of nuances ...
In the end, a good time despite its heterogeneity of treatment and a real big reason to see this movie: Charlize Theron. His best film for a long time or just his best role? She is extraordinary.
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