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Shazam !

Shazam !note


Directed by
in 2018

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04/04/2019      partager tweet
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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 04/04/2019 Rating : note
Shazam is a comic superhero created by C.C.Beck and Bill Parker and was first seen in, 1940. It is the flagship movie of the week screened in Dolby and 3D.
We are in 1974 and a car is driving on a night road, we will find the driver who is Mr Sivana and next to him is the eldest son, in the back seat is a young boy who plays, he receives the remonstrances of his father and his brother who considers him a loser, suddenly the kid sees appear on his game cabalistic signs and he finds himself alone in the vehicle and he even sees all the windows frost, when the vehicle stops, the young boy opens the door and finds himself in a cave and he sees an individual who declares to be a wizard who seeks someone worthy to take his place, the latter is surrounded by 7 demonic creatures who are the seven deadly sins, but the kid seems interested in a luminous ball that is inside a spherical cage and he wants to seize it, then he is considered as unfit and returned on the field in the back seat of the iture, this extraordinary adventure is actually disjunct the boy who screaming and gesturing causes an accident of the car where he is. Many years later, here we are in Philadelphia where the very young Billy Batson is in a carnival with his mom, the latter plays darts in a booth where you have to burst balloons, the aim being to try to to win a prize for her child, she will end up touching a balloon and be given a ball keychain which takes the place of compass, strolling in the alleys of the party, the kid will lose his gift and will release the hand of his mother to try to recover, he will succeed but lose his mom ...
We will say "another film with a superhero! One more and it is even likely that it will swell the ranks of the avengers ", if this last statement will be true, the film by itself is rather humorous and one even has the impression that he a bit of a hit with superheroes in general. We will find a young teenager of 15 years who is invested with super power which he does not know how to use immediately and when he discovers a few, he amuses himself and even seeks the lucrative side. The young hero is in fact this kid who did not find his mother in the funfair and who became an unstable orphan and paddler and he is collected by a host family that would make Virginie Lemoine jealous. Our superhero is helped by a Freddy "brother" who helps him to scientifically discover his powers. By cons when there is a superhero, there is necessarily a super-villain who necessarily has similar powers and the second part will be devoted to the duel between the super villain and the super nice, who will win? The suspense is at its height and we will let you discover. Personally, I liked it, the super family is nice and we laugh a lot.

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