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in 2016

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02/27/2017      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 02/27/2017 Rating : note
A thrilling thriller that revolves around a character who has already revealed 23 really different personalities and is followed by a psychiatrist.
After a birthday, a father drives his daughter in a car with a girlfriend and also another Casey girl who is not good in her skin, she is often stuck like to avoid going home. While Neal Huff, Claire's father is putting away the trunk of the car, the three girls get into the vehicle and wait for the driver, the door opens and Casey mechanically goes to put on his belt when she sees through the rearview mirror garbage on the ground and which was the things that Mr Huff was putting away, the individual who takes possession of the steering wheel is not Claire's father, moreover the latter realizes it and exclaims when suddenly the individual puts a mask on his nose and projects a sleeping product on the girls. The latter will wake up later in a cellar, of course, they are terrified especially that they receive the visit of their torturer and this one holds a rather bizarre speech and it suggests that they will be locked in this ass of low pit for a long time, Claire and Marcia even proposes a three-way revolt to master this insane, but Casey dissuades them, he looks strong and will not be surprised by force ...
It is a thriller quite catching with its dose of breathless suspense, the main character Kevin has 23 personalities and the psychiatrist who follows him receives for several days of eerie mails of the latter, without suspecting of course that he has kidnapped three girls, Dr. Karen Fletcher is authoritative in the field of people who have multiple personalities and she even says that one of them can be diabetic and the others no, one of them can be allergic to bee stings and another having cholesterol. The character she meets is a mine for the series of studies she performs. On the other hand, the girls are looking for a solution to their confinement, Casey is less enterprising and we will have by flashbacks that she was the childhood of this girl and why if it seems more timid than the others it is nevertheless more thoughtful. What seems paradoxical is that the 23 personalities of Kevin seem to be different from each other and do not suffer from any collision, yet when Casey realizes that one of them is that of a child of Nine years and she wants to manipulate it, it is not that simple, as if other personalities were interference. To give spice to history a 24th personality is preparing, but we will not say more. A rather captivating film on one side, terrifying of the other for a scenario where we have already had not quite the same, but not far.

vu au Gaumont wilson Toulouse
03/15/2017      partager tweet



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note note has seen the movie in a theater on the 03/10/2017 Rating : note
Mr. Night Shyamalan returns in great form with "Split", his latest film and definitely signs his return to the big leagues.
From the first minutes, the climate is installed, it is quickly in hell. No time to breathe, we are carried away with these three girls kidnapped. Split is also the dive into a world as fascinating as it is frightening that is the Dissociative Personality Disorders.
James McAVOY undoubtedly realizes the most incredible performance of his career (future 2018 Oscar for me!), We believe in it, we move, we are afraid ... In short we are in the film! The other surprise of the film is the young Anya Taylor-Joy, who is doing very well, I hope to see her again soon on the big screen.
This film is urgent to see if it's not done yet, it's a masterpiece! He'll drive you crazy;)
10/26/2017      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma
action badass


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note has seen in blu-ray on the 10/26/2017 Rating : note
Well let's face it right now is not the best of Mr. Night SHYAMALAN, but the film is still in, and the performance of lead actor James McAVOY, is frankly superb.

Even if we see some element come, the director manages to take us to his game from time to time.

so a medium mount, which does not equal some of his masterpieces;)
01/24/2018      partager tweet



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note have seen the movie on the 01/24/2018 Rating : note
the movie starts fast and well, the McAvoy game is very convincing and we stay on the alert to see what happens ... then little by little, the film starts to get long and finally realize that it is not nothing happens, the film is flat (like all the films of this director ...) to end in fishtail, I stalled when he began to climb the wall (literally ...) he brought this end has no interest in the rest of the film which itself has no interest for this purpose
04/03/2018      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note have seen the movie in VOD on the 04/03/2018 Rating : note
We could expect a little more, even if the theme is quite captivating, it's like being back in a cinema of a past time. The suspense is, after all, very relative, so everything depends on the performance of the main actor, and of these multiple personalities. It's a little weak to make a great movie, and we would have liked more tension, so without wanting to fall in the hoarding side with easy effects and already used in many movies, the anxiety could have been more thorough.
The fact of separating the hostages, it was in the ease, one concentrates more than on only one personage, but even there, that could have been more deepened, it would not have the rhythm because, it does not there is hardly any.
It's a shame, we miss a buoyant theme.

03/14/2019      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note note has seen the DVD on the 03/13/2019 Rating : note
Long before Bruce WILLIS's cameo at the end of "Split" and the meeting of three superheroes Kevin Wendell Crumb (James McAVOY), David Dunn (Bruce WILLIS) and Elijah Price (Samuel L. JACKSON) in "Glass" ( 2018), Mr. Night SHYAMALAN had wanted to integrate the hero of "Split" in "Unbreakable" (2000) but that proved impossible. Kevin was taking up too much space with his 24 personalities and needed to have his own movie. But if the vision of this trilogy illuminates and enriches its shutters, each has its own identity and "Split" is probably the three most remarkable. First of all, because Mr. Night SHYAMALAN masters the codes and the rhythm of the horror thriller with his fingertips, with which he does not hesitate to amuse himself by defeating the spectator's expectations thanks to his protean protagonist. The sharp introduction of "Split" by its rhythm and its cutting (!) Deserves to be studied in film schools as it is perfect. At the speed of lightning and almost imperceptibly (except for Casey, who in the foreground is shown as a girl apart and whose look is essential to us), we shift trivial realism into an agonizing and claustrophobic dimension close to that of "The Silence of the Lambs" (1991) and "The Obsessed" (1965). But also and above all because the director goes well beyond the simple genre film as well as it is, just as in the other two films relying on asocial personalities to the tortured psyche and child abuse. Casey (Anya TAYLOR-JOY) and Kevin have two reflective personalities. Flashbacks shed light on their respective traumas. Casey begins an introspection symbolized by his journey through the labyrinthine lair of Kevin as he saw awakening in him his 24th personality, superhuman and bestial that threatens to engulf him. His psychiatrist, Dr. Fletcher (an allusion to "Flight over a cuckoo's nest") (1975) who can no longer stop the deadly evolution of the psychopathology of his patient must fade not without having passed the relay to Casey which she has the intuition that she is the only one to be able to prevent that the Beast devours the man.
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