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Suicide Squad

Suicide Squadnote


Directed by
in 2016

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08/07/2016      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the movie in a theater in 3D on the 08/07/2016 Rating : note
One more, it is a kind of compromise between the film of superheroes and a programmed apocalypse. A film for inveterate groupie of comic characters in a very crazy world.
The film begins in a high security prison with shock mates, we even hear "The house of the rising sun" the inevitable tube of "Animals" to put us in the mood. Deadshot who is in the cell receives his pittance and a reflection for the keeper who is going to chamber it will earn him a humiliating session of gégène. On the other hand, it's Harley Quinn who is downright in a cage to suffer guards' quibble. It turns out that the superheroes who protected Gotham City are no longer there to protect the city and the whole city can be the prey of super villain who asks only to put the mess in this quiet and well-groomed atmosphere. What will happen if the community suddenly falls prey to a madman, when no superhero is there to protect the inhabitants, we must find a compromise. An idea that may seem unthinkable, it is necessary that super bad guys who have any power or skill that he used formerly to do evil, is then released to fight the threat, of course there would be a subterfuge that would allow this villain to go to the end of his mission without the possibility of dragging his feet or worse to flee ...
Here is a species of Indiana Jones in petticoat opened a box of pandora and an evil witch slipped into it and with the help of a super monster drunk with power, we left for a programmed destruction of the world. It is then that will go into smooth our super-bad, but they are thrown into the lion's den in desperation. There will be many flashbacks that will familiarize us with everyone and the use of the layman. Of course it is unfortunate that the super heroes have had pendants and it would have happened to his super-bad that would not exist if the vigilantes had come to put the order in the city . Of course it is technically well done and even quite bluffing and the grimaces of actors to simulate their malice is up to their role, we will add good 3D effects. We are not going to procrastinate, it is not really my cup of tea but I admit that it can appeal to informed spectators. So you are freed, if you pass the cinema and you are a fan, enter, the film is for you.

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08/11/2016      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma

[Guru Expert]

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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 08/10/2016 Rating : note

Returning from vacation, I went to see Suicide Squad. I was expecting an original superhero movie and a bit dark.

In fact, we are closer to Ninja Turtles. Humor, fighting, ugly and weird characters, superficial dialogues.

The great success of SuicideSquad is in the character of Harley Queen, who steals even the star in the wild. An amazing character, ruffling, with a real original story.

Headshot is also pretty good, thanks to Will SMITH. He has a lot of dialogue, being a bit of the thinking head of the team.
Not too attached to the other characters ..

The B.O. is excellent (yes we must love pop) and the realization is doing rather well given the sometimes complex scenes.

In summary: original, ruffling: Harley Quinn deserves his franchise!

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08/13/2016      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 08/11/2016 Rating : note
Great this movie! DC competes with Marvel with this film in the world of superheroes.
Two very important characters, Deadshot and the completely crazy but beautiful (that's it, it starts again, I drool) Harley Quinn.
The story is very classic, special effects bhaaaa, we are in 2016 eh, logical that it is perfect and a superb B.O.
A real good time.
Come on, good movie to all
One shot of baseball bat?
08/20/2016      partager tweet



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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 08/11/2016 Rating : note
Like Deadpool, I did not know this comic at all and it was still a real favorite! As crazy and violent, these super-bad guys become superheroes!
Despite the negative reviews, I loved this movie! To solve the problem right away, the criticisms are bad because the teasers and BA were misleading and we sold a joker very present. Off it is only 5 minutes to everything broken in the film, the Warner having cut a lot of his scenes. This "problem" set aside, I took my foot in front of the film!
The action scenes are really good, the special effects, punchlines galore, fun in every way, a sublime photography ... and an excellent soundtrack!
As for casting, he's really good. Personally, I'm crazy about the duo Joker (Jared LETO) and Harley Quinn (Margot ROBBIE, perfect romantic schizophrenic, my shot of ♥).
Despite a classic scenario, Suicide Squad remains an ambitious film, dark and fun, and for me it's the film of the summer!
09/07/2016      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 08/07/2016 Rating : note
Suicide Squad is a very good film of anti superheroes.

The cast is largely at the height of the poster proposing at the same time very interesting characters. The film has good action scenes and a small dose of humor. The couple Harlem Quin and the Joker form one of the most classy couples of cinema. It's nice to see Will SMITH in a good action movie in a role that suits him so well. I only regret the over-exploitation of fake bad guys by Amanda Wallen. What a detestable woman !!! It is an unlikely limit for bandits not to seek to rebel more in front of so much hypocrisy and to be so much stepped on.

Aside from that Suicide Squad is a very enjoyable work with quirky and interesting characters (apart from one).
10/16/2016      partager tweet



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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 08/27/2016 Rating : note
I was a little apprehensive to go because it's not my style of film, but I must admit that I loved it. We spend a very good time in the room. View end of August and there is still in the room ... impressive!
01/14/2017      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma

[Maitre Ciné]

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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 01/14/2017 Rating : note
We had been promised a movie pretty badass with blood to the key as the comics comic DC, result of the account this film does not bring much. The bad guys have become nice people (today it has become a fashion, Vader has been there!). To redeem themselves from dirty murderers, they must eliminate an identity.

This film promised more than it was thought, especially from the pars of a filmmaker of the caliber of David Ayers who was able to make in realizing one of the best war movies, Fury (2014) his nobility. But what happened to him, he who is usually a very good screenwriter to lack the punch in realizing this movie of super villains without taking into account the true state of the wicked comics.

Yet the first part was on good bases, time to put in place all the recurring characters.

The two characters who deserve to do a solo (I think it's planned) is Harley Quinn, good performance of Margot ROBBIE, it must be said that this is the only one who makes the show, and Viola Davis the boss of "La Suicide Brigade ", black woman very authoritarian, impartial, and without qualms, with a small pinch of sadomasochism, faithful to the comic strip. The remains is quite disappointing, Will SMITH in the character of DeadShot is too amicable, he puts the comics as a nerdy (Deadshot, is not a sentimental, in the comics is a real killer,).

The end of the credits shows that the one to come out this year is Justice League (2017) with the new Bateman, Ben AFFLECK.
02/07/2017      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the DVD on the 02/07/2017 Rating : note
See the movie for what it is and nothing else, a popcorn movie that is not there to revolutionize the genre. So, it's rather a pleasant surprise, I thought to see a film ultra violent, bloody, with a cascade of effects of styles and completely absurd.
But good surprise because the film flirts with all this without going into excess, allowing us to follow his anti-heroes to the end of their mission.
The characters are well depicted with their strengths and their follies, a pity that they are not all housed in the same sign and that some have their personality just overflown, or even erased.
We do not escape the massive destruction garnered by the villain of the story and if it seems unbeatable, it remains nonetheless with a weak point that will allow its new heroes to be victorious.
Without great ingenuity, but not devoid of interest either, to see for the most comic book lovers.
08/24/2017      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note have seen the movie on the 08/24/2017 Rating : note
After the Avengers, here is the first superhero team of DC productions.
Well, they are not, strictly speaking, real superheroes. Rather super anti-heroes.
Imagine Stark recruiting a hitman? A psychopath? A human torch?
Neither do I.
However, that is what happens here: a band of extremely dangerous gangsters has been released from prison to fight against a supreme evil element: a spirit come straight from the bottom of the ages with an absolute destructive will.
Only very normal in this kind of production.
What is not normal, is this squad of squats. As for the suicide of the title, it is rather because they are sent to suicide, a double maneuver: first, we get rid of the planetary danger; deuzio, we get rid of this band of furious madmen.
With a bonus, the return of one of the most famous villains of DC: the Joker yourself (Jared LETO). After Jack NICHOLSON and the disturbing Heath LEDGER, here is a new pretty wild joker. And all the more terrible that we do not really see him die ??
Anyway, I still preferred Ledger.

What to say about this opus?
Does this sound more like a transition episode ?? how will Wonder Woman (2017) ?? to save time and bring Superman back into the race. Moreover, Justice League (2017) is on the horizon ?? woe to those who did not wait for the sequence of the credits, where Amanda Waller (Viola DAVIS) meets Bruce Wayne (Ben AFFLECK) ??
Nevertheless, the tone adopted is a bit out of step with the other productions: the violence used by these pseudo-justiciers is much stronger than usual: the enemies they eliminate, even if they do not no human form still leave an impression of discomfort, their elimination being done only by degumming what looks like their head.
For the rest, little surprise, the outcome being predictable, in all areas: conflict resolution and openness to a suite.
With, as a bonus, the sacrosanct redemption dear to our American friends. It is the number one goal of Deadshot (Will SMITH), looking for his daughter and a little respectability after his rather tumultuous past. It is also the case of Diablo (Jay HERNANDEZ), who will go to the end to try to wash the irreparable that he has committed.
In short, nothing but very American.

And all without the ironic touch that can be found in Marvel.
01/28/2018      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma

[Guru Expert]

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note has seen the DVD on the 01/28/2018 Rating : note
A good classic action movie with a good casting and wonderful visual effects; however is a bit long to put in place and finished too in fishtail in which the following is already planned
12/18/2018      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note have seen the movie on the 12/18/2018 Rating : note
I have this style of film "black" which, in this case, takes us back to the world of fantastic heroes we like: superman, batman etc ...
The story is a little extravagant but are not we, with this film, watching anti-heroes rather "extravagant" ???
Very good evening.
02/04/2019      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma
Texas Bronco

[Maitre Ciné]

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note has seen the DVD on the 02/04/2019 Rating : note
Mixed opinion, the universe is a little dark, too many characters for which I have no references, and the story with the Joker that comes a little disrupt the real action. On the other hand two characters really stand out from the lot and hold all my attention, Deadshot who not only leads the troupe but is of an unequaled efficiency and Harley Quinn besides his divine madness is a famous touch of color in this lugubrious universe.
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