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in 2018

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02/09/2019      partager tweet
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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 02/09/2019 Rating : note
The film has been widely rewarded and may be more, waiting for Olivia Colman, who plays Queen Anne, to win the Golden Globes for best actress and the Volpi Cup at the Venice Film Festival. The film comes out of the closet a queen remained on the throne of England for 12 years and a little neglected history textbooks.
We are in Britain during the reign of Anne Stuart in the early eighteenth century, England and France are at war and a diligence brings Abigail Hill to court, she is a ruined aristocrat and she begs for it? Help of her cousin, the very influential Duchess of Malbourough wife of the Captain General and who is in fact the woman who eminence gray governs under the guise of the queen. The Duchess agrees to employ her cousin in the kitchen under the orders of other employees who are not tender with her. The queen, when she suffers from terrible attacks of gout and Abigail has good knowledge of the healing properties of plants and she goes to pick the right ingredients to make an ointment and come on the sly to coat the legs of the queen , this intrusion into the room of the monarch will be worth a severe corporal punishment that will not be complete because the Queen recognizes that the product that was applied to him has greatly relieved. Then the Duchess of Malbourough will give a promotion to the young Abigail who will have a single room instead of dormitory where maids sleep on the floor and the leisure to be one of the good assigned to the service of the queen. But one evening while the Queen and the Duchess enters the room and Abigail was looking for reading in the adjoining library, a scene unfolds before his eyes that may influence his future ...
The Queen governs in constitutional monarchy and she shares power with an elected parliament, made up of "Whigs" and "Tories", the first are composed of landed aristocrats, supporting the war, as for the others they seek to put an end to war and the costs it entails. It is actually the Duchess of Malbourough who has character, who is very influential and who governs the country. On the other hand, his cousin will work in the shade to take his place and the film is based on this rivalry between the two women. It must be recognized that for a film "in costume" it is built in a strange way with a language that does not seem to correspond to the century or the present aristocracy and that could make us think of the "Kaamelott of Alexandre Astier Much less subtle. We will find as curious as this dance performed at the beginning of the film and that could make us think of the saga "Cosmos 1999" with Martin Landeau. In any case, the film, even if it is surprising, does not leave us indifferent and the essential remains the historical truth with these women who transcend themselves to take a power that they are denied and who will be for centuries to come. We compare Yangos Lanthimos to Pasolini which is an immeasurable compliment and we can think that it is not wrong and this film has the merit of pointing out this little known actress, Olivia Colman and it is a good thing. To see absolutely before it becomes too famous.

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