The Girl on the train
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The Girl on the train

The Girl on the trainnote


Directed by
in 2016

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post10/26/2016      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 10/26/2016 Rating : note

It is the adaptation of the eponymous novel to success written by Paula Hawkins, in fact the film will be focused on three women and a thrilling plot.
The story takes place in part on a Hudson Line train on Metro North, the line passes near charming pavilions on the outskirts of New York. Rachel Watson is in one of the cars and as the train slows down and makes a few punctual stops, she examines a beautiful cottage where Megan and Scott live and she has made it the home of her dreams where the people who live there have an ideal life. and perfect. Rachel is disturbed, she takes every day the same train to go supposedly work in New York but she is alcoholic and hides her grief in the drink, she lives in co-location with a friend who tries somehow to advise her . Rachel's drama is that she did not have a child, and her husband Tom, who could no longer be said to have escaped with Anna, had a baby for 6 months. As usual Rachel is in the train and when she passes in front of the ideal house, she sees Megan kissing a man, but this one is not Scott and she is very disturbed by what she saw at the point to move in the car to burn this scene in his head ...
The film will present the three women, Rachel, Megan and Anna who are more or less related, at least by transitivity. Rachel is the central character, she is alcoholic and therefore highly disturbed and alcohol does not explain everything, it is necessarily the consequence of something else. Each time to lay the groundwork, we are entitled to some flashbacks that will lighten the blur in which the viewer is at the beginning. Then there will be a drama and we will be discreet on top so as not to deflower the plot, so we can get an idea because an obvious is offered to us and we do not believe because the simplicity n is not the preserve of bestsellers. So there will be a very breathtaking suspense that will lead us to a conclusion quite bluffing. Everything rests on the shoulder of Emily BLUNT who is breathtaking and of course credible and even touching in the character and we will take a liking to this woman a little clueless but who will go to the end of his beliefs despite the doubt that will live there. We will also say and it's just that the other actors are excellent, that the staging is impeccable and the photography very good and in adequacy with this kind of thriller. Especially do not hesitate to see this movie and if the beginning seems a bit weak and weak, it rises quickly and we keep a good memory.

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post11/03/2016      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma

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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 10/26/2016 Rating : note

There is a Hitchcockian side to this film that deserves our attention. But what is probably a good book, does not necessarily make a good movie.

I usually appreciate Emily BLUNT who here interprets with conviction this strange woman.

The many passages of the heroine, in the train in front of the houses seem artificial, and there is a je ne sais quoi in the realization that makes all this confused. Some scenes are useless, and others should have been more supported. Maybe to better confuse us and we do not understand where all this will lead us.

It's only at the end where it becomes clearer, and this last part is successful.

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post11/12/2016      partager tweet



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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 11/02/2016 Rating : note

Bestseller summer 2015, "The Girl Train", is a psychological thriller, much compared to Gone Girl (for its narrative mode and the main object of the story: the disappearance) ...
Past and present mix, to better explain the situation and the behavior of each, which complicates the film, suddenly we find ourselves almost as drunk and drunk as Rachel is.
The atmosphere is heavy, heavy, it is a drama filled with perversion.
Casting, once again, Emily BLUNT impresses as a young unemployed, alcoholic and depressed. Rebecca Ferguson and Haley Bennett are also very good at home mom and sexy baby sitter.
Even if the film is a little soft, we can not wait to know the culprit and we come out blown away by his revelation.
post01/02/2017      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note note has seen the movie in a theater on the 01/02/2017 Rating : note

Mentioning Hitchcock or even "Gone Girl" by Fincher in speaking of this film is really an insult to both.
I have not read the book, so I will not fall into the easy with a comparison that has no place to be (a film is a film and a book is a book, it's silly, but it is like that, they each have their own existence and comparing them does not really make sense).
Whatever the angle by which the film is judged, it is clear that it is totally missed. As a thriller, if you are an amateur, you have quickly guessed the outcome, as a study on a woman lost after a tragedy that happened before, who gets lost in alcohol and who does not know very well what happens to him is even worse. Situations, monologues, "surprises" all sounds wrong.
the blame is in large part for a scenario written quickly and which, no doubt to make it chic, takes pleasure in abusing the backtrack to destroy any chronology. If one adds to this a staging of an absolute platitude, unable to create the least emotion so the characters are hollow and uninteresting, we understand that maintain the tension becomes a bet lost in advance.
Since the actions are perfectly incoherent and defy all likelihood, we try to be interested in something else because unfortunately time does not go quickly, and the only thing we remember is an almost inspired Emily BLUNT who struggles alone to avoid a total sinking. The height is that his performance, really impressive, ends up accentuating the gap with the rest of the cast and with the film itself, reinforcing by his talent the poverty that surrounds him. A height!
To avoid.
post01/07/2019      partager tweet
Avis Cinéma


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note has seen the DVD on the 01/07/2019 Rating : note

A good drama that turns into an obsession, the descent into hell of a woman, she drowns her problems in alcohol, gets lost, she feels guilty, exposes her doubts, her regrets, her remorse. Then we follow the torments of a young woman whose tragedy of life, the pursuit, she gives herself to her shrink, lost in a world without flavor. And finally, this last woman, who clings to a quiet life, who raises her baby, and who aspires to a perfect life.
Yes, but all his life will shock and explode to reveal a raw and unbelievable truth.
Starting from this postulate, we are witnessing a film with a hole, which assembles like the pieces of a puzzle, and even if everything is coherent at the first reading, we must not try to dig a little, because, there has far too many inconsistencies. That's the difference between a good movie and a great movie.
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