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The Grinch

The Grinchnote


Directed by
in 2018

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11/30/2018      partager tweet
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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 11/30/2018 Rating : note
It is a Christmas tale in the form of an animation film concocted by the "Enlightenment" teams. The character "The Grinch" was born under the pen of Theodor S. Geisel known under the pseudonym of "Dr. Seuss".
In an isolated corner is the village of Chouville built on a hill and seems even more extraordinary than the castle Sleeping Beauty. People are happy because he is preparing the Christmas party and everyone likes to decorate his house and to sing in busy arteries, some streets are slides and public transport borders the overflowing imagination. Living at the end of a path filled with signs inviting the traveler to turn back we will find the house Grinch, it is well equipped and large enough, the Grinch is often in a bad mood and it destroys his alarm clock in the morning at sunrise. He has a faithful dog who serves him as a butler and who prepares his breakfast in the morning except that there, the reserves are exhausted and the fridge completely empty and the Grinch must then in town to refuel and it bothers the enormity because the locality of Chouville is in the middle of the preparation period of the Christmas party and all this joy indisposes enormously the Grinch, but it will be solved and go there with his dog, the latter is equipped with a sled to be able to pile up the provisions and it may be the opportunity to prepare some bad shots ...
Before the film we are entitled to a short film that tells the story of two minions who are in prison, forced labor and chained both to another prisoner with a sinister look and a combination of circumstances will make that the three will escape and be pursued by the police. The animated film "The Grinch" is a Christmas tale that moves the youngest people. The Grinch is an all-green character who was orphaned and abandoned by everyone during the Christmas holidays and he has kept some rancor and can not bear to see the joy around him, he still has a dog very faithful and he will meet a rather obese reindeer. Grinch's goal is to rot the Christmas of Chouville, but in the lot there is a little girl Cindy-Lou who would like to meet Santa Claus so that his mother is overwhelmed by the maintenance of her house and who must taking care of her three children finds a way to rest and she wants to sacrifice her gifts if Santa Claus finds a solution to this problem. Great minds will meet and we can think that children will find the story pleasing and of course fun and the few adults who accompany them will not get bored. Big names in the voxography with Benedict Cumberbatch in VO with even the singer Pharrel Williams who is the narrator and Laurent Lafitte in the French version. What to have fun before the holidays for a film that has been highly publicized.

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