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Welcome to Marwen

Welcome to Marwennote


Directed by
in 2018

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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 01/05/2019 Rating : note

The film is based on a true story and is inspired by the documentary "Marvencol" directed by Jeff Malmberg in 2010 and the two works are inspired by the life of Mark Hogancamp who was beaten by five people at a bar in Kingston, New York, in 2000.
We are in Belgium during the Second World War, finally it is a model and Captain Hogie (at least the doll that represents it) makes the slalom in the sky between the shots of DCA, but suddenly his plane is hit and that forces him to an emergency landing, he gets out of his plane on fire but his shoes burned and he gets rid of it, on the way he discovers a car accident and at the same time. inside a suitcase where he finds women's shoes, he will be equipped to continue his way and he will suddenly fall on the Germans led by an SS officer who will put him in play, suddenly they see his feet shod with heeled shoes and they will start to beat him, he is rescued in extremis by a group of armed women who shoot at the Germans. In fact we were in the set entirely created by Mark Hogancamp who realizes a kind of photo novel with characters composed by himself and by women representing friends or characters known to him, and he built the miniature village at 1 / 6th just in front of his mobile home. Mark is working in a bar restaurant right now he is intrigued by his new neighbor who has just settled in front of his home and whose name is Nicole and he wants to integrate him into the team of Captain Hogie in his Belgian village ...
Mark Hogancamp was severely traumatized by being beaten by five hate hooligans to the point of having been through a long healing period and a painful recovery that left him well below the capacity he had before. He thus created a character, Captain Hogie "a kind of hero of the Second World War, working in a Belgian village of the time and surrounded by a cohort of young women and his team and him same fight against Nazis who come to try to invest the village of Marwen where it is with its feminine minions. He is even unable to go to court where his torturers must be judged, while he himself will however appear in costume in front of the judge, the cowards who are judged arrive bare arms wearing a tattoo with a swastika. Mark has all the sympathy of the locality in which he lives and some of the women around him are part of his dream world. Much of the film brings us in this adventure of Captain Hogie and his team with virtual avatars evolving in the model of Marwen created by Mark and we will even say that the imagination of Mark thus created is impressive and technically well done. The subject is projected into this hero of the second world war and he even created a kind of witch to counter his heroic evolution. The film is very touching and we take sympathy for a character who tries to relive on his own and found the solution to rebound. A touching story that will not leave anyone indifferent.

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note has seen the movie in a theater on the 01/03/2019 Rating : note

Two years after Allies, Robert Zemeckis returns with a totally different film, mixing real shots and sequences in performance capture, the true story of Mark Hogankamp. "Welcome to Marwen" is a marvelous tale of overwhelming subtlety and accuracy, a "feel good movie" as epic, funny and spectacular as it is painful and bright.
The casting is sublime: Leslie Mann, Diane Kruger, Gwendoline Christie, Eiza Gonzalez, Janelle Monea, ensure badass women and Steve Carell is upsetting in this role!
This new "Forrest Gump" full of tenderness and inventiveness is a nice tale but also an ode to women;) #GirlsPower
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