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Michael WONG

16/04/1965 - //


Biography of Michael WONG :

Born April 16, 1965 in Shangdong, Michael grew up in New York, raised by his Dutch mother and his Chinese father. Totally integrated with the US culture, he does not speak a word of Chinese. However, in 1983, he decided to try his luck and left with his two brothers (Russell and Declan) in Hong Kong. The beginnings are hard: Without contacts in the middle, a language barrier to cross and no special ability to argue, Michael is alive as he can. His brothers, despite some participations in films, will eventually give up and return to the USA. Mike gets hooked and in 1985 finally gets his first role for City Hero.

Once a foot in the middle, Michael Wong can begin to develop his career. His debut, he does for D & B, always looking for international talent. But, his "foreign" side marked in the eyes of the local public confines him in roles of traitors (In The Line Of Duty 4 or Legacy Of Rage) or sidekick limit head to slaps (Royal Warriors). Not discouraged, however, the brave Man Tak persists and slowly begins to get better roles. You can see it in the comedy Whatever You Want ... (as a genie of the lamp of alladin!), The film of triads / romances Rose or the muscular Tiger Cage 3.

But his moment of glory, it is in 94 that he knows it, thanks to Gordon Chan. The latter hires Mike to play an instructor S.D.U. in his Final Option. With this role close to him, Michael manages to mark the spirits. It marks them so much that it is found later in many films of the genre: the expected First Option but also Option Option Zero, The New Option. More broadly, he becomes specialized in the roles of rogue policeman, kind of new Danny Lee. In this little game, some directors will know the opposite, as Gordon Chan (still him!) And Dante Lam for Beast Cops where our Mike is quietly corrupt by the system or Derek Chiu for his The Log where Mike goes on the other side of the mirror.

During this key period of his career, he also appeared in international films where his main problem (he continues to gabble in English despite his relative command of Cantonese) becomes his best asset (Enter The Eagles, Once A Thief). Also noteworthy, in 1997, which is probably his best role, that of the Scottish sailor Lost And Found.

After this prosperous period, his career began to experience a serious qualitative decline. He finds himself playing in horror and action productions more and more mown down. He decides to take things in hand himself by passing behind the camera. Miles Apart is a success in minor mode, certainly far from the films of Chan but well-kneaded, square and effective. Wong shows his world as his passion for helicopters (it's a real driver) and obviously the love of good cigars!

Filmography of Michael WONG :

Michael WONG has directed :

Michael WONG appeared in :

2017 - Triple Threat
 note2016 - Skiptrace
 note2014 - Transformers : Age of extinction
2014 - The Man From Macau
 note2013 - Firestorm
2013 - Sept assassins
2012 - Nightfall
 note2004 - Seven swords
2002 - The New Option
2001 - Bad Guys
 note1999 - Knock Off
1998 - Her Name is Cat
1997 - G4 Option Zero
1996 - First Option
 note1995 - Thunderbolt, Pilote de l'extrême
1994 - Final Option
 note1992 - City Hunter
1991 - Tiger Cage III
1989 - Le Sens du devoir IV
1988 - Fury
 note1986 - L'Héritier de la violence
1986 - Le Sens du devoir
1986 - Challenge the Ninja

Michael WONG appeared in the TV movie or serie :

1996 - Les Repentis
 note1981 - The Smurfs

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