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Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers (Série TV)

Showrunner ,
de 2001 à 2001

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Band of Brothers : Experience the Second World War alongside the Easy Company, a group of American soldiers. Follow them as a group, or individually, from their formation in 1942, to the liberation of Nazi Germany in 1945, to their parachuting in Normandy on June 6, 1944.
Original titleBand of Brothers
Public Interdit au moins de 12 ans
Twitter @tomhanks
Director, , , , , , ,
Creator(s) / Showrunners Stephen Ambrose, ,
WritersErik Jendresen, Erik Bork, , , , ,
Authors d'après l'œuvre de l'historien Stephen E. Ambrose
Producers, ,
Produced by, , ,
PhotographyJoel J. RANSOM (5 ép)
Music Composer
Special effectsMax BROWN
Set decorator
Costumes Daryl BRISTOW
 Photo de Band of Brothers

Actors / Actresses
(Donald G. Malarkey), (Richard D. WINTERS), (Lewis Nixon), (Eugene G. Roe), (C. Carwood LIPTON), (Darrell C. Powers), (Floyd M. Talbert), Rod Strohl (Himself), (Robert E. Wynn), Philip BARANTINI (Wayne A. Sisk), Michael CUDLITZ (Denver Randleman), Dexter FLETCHER (John W. Martin), Rick GOMEZ (George Luz), James MADIO (Frank J. Perconte), Ross McCALL (Joseph D. Liebgott), Doug ALLEN (Alton M. More), George CALIL (James H. Alley Jr.), Nolan Hemmings (Charles E. Grant), Robin LAING (Edward J. Heffron), Neal McDONOUGH (Lynn D. Compton), Rick WARDEN (Harry F. Welsh), Dale DYE (Col. Robert F. Sink), Michael FASSBENDER (Burton P. Christenson), Frank John HUGHES (William J. Guarnere), Tim Matthews (Alex M. Penkala Jr.), Rene L. MORENO (Joseph Ramirez), Douglas SPAIN (Antonio C. Garcia), Richard SPEIGHT Jr. (Warren H. Muck), Kirk ACEVEDO (Joseph D. Toye), Eion BAILEY (David Kenyon Webster), Craig Heaney (Roy W. Cobb), Peter McCABE (Donald B. Hoobler), Matthew SETTLE (Ronald C. Speirs), Ben CAPLAN (Walter S. Gordon Jr.), Mark HUBERMAN (Lester Hashey), Phil McKEE (Maj. Robert L. Strayer), Ezra Godden (Robert van Klinken), Adam JAMES (Cleveland O. Petty), Mark Lawrence (William H. Dukeman Jr.), David Nicolle (Lt. Thomas A. Peacock), Simon SCHATZBERGER (Joseph A. Lesniewski), Jamie BAMBER (Jack E. Foley), Rocky MARSHALL (Earl J. McClung), Kieran O'BRIEN (Allen E. Vest), Peter O'MEARA (Norman S. Dike Jr.), David SCHWIMMER (Herbert M. Sobel), Marc WARREN (Albert Blithe), Bart RUSPOLI (Edward J. Tipper), Doug COCKLE (Father John Maloney), Marcos D'Cruze (Joseph P. Domingus) 
Yearde 2001 à 2001
Release dates United States : 09/09/2001
France : 07/22/2002
France : 11/20/2002 (en Blu-ray)
France : 07/16/2008 (en DVD)
France : 01/31/2011 (en DVD)
CountriesUnited States
United Kingdom
Duration 00 h 00

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wallpaper  Band of Brothers 360907 
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wallpaper  Band of Brothers 360909 
wallpaper  Band of Brothers 53941 
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wallpaper  Band of Brothers 53929 
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wallpaper  Band of Brothers 53933 
wallpaper  Band of Brothers 53934 
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wallpaper  Band of Brothers 53917 
wallpaper  Band of Brothers 53937 
wallpaper  Band of Brothers 53936 

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Band of Brothers : image 53902  
Band of Brothers : image 53903  
Band of Brothers : image 53904  
Band of Brothers : image 53939  

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