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The Meg

The Meg

Directed by
in 2018

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The Meg : In the heart of the Pacific Ocean, the submarine of a team of researchers was attacked by a gigantic creature that was thought to have disappeared: the Megalodon, a prehistoric shark 23 meters long. The lifeguard Jonas Taylor must risk his life to save the men and women prisoners of the boat ?? and face the most terrible predator of all time.
Original titleThe Meg
Other titles Canada : Mégalodon
Twitter @warnerbrosfr
Writers, ,
ProducersBelle Avery, ,
Produced byApelles Entertainment, Flagship Entertainment Group,
DistributorsFrance : Warner Bros. Pictures France
PhotographyTom STERN
Music Composer
EditingSteven KEMPER
Special effectsDean CLARKE
Set decoratorGrant MAJOR
Costumes Amanda NEALE
 Photo de The Meg

Actors / Actresses
(Jaxx Herd), (Jonas Taylor), (Jack Morris), (Suyin), (James 'Mac' Mackreides), (Dr. Heller), (Celeste), (The Wall), (Toshi), Page KENNEDY (DJ), Shuya Sophia Cai (Meiying), Rob KIPA-WILLIAMS (D'Angelo), Winston CHAO (Dr. Minway Zhang)
Avec les voix françaises de (Jonas Taylor; plongeur spécialiste et ancien capitaine de la Marine), (Dr Minway Zhang; scientifique), Namakan Koné (D. J.),

Avec les voix québécoises de Sylvain Hétu (Jonas Taylor; plongeur spécialiste et ancien capitaine de la Marine)

Et aussi :
Year in 2018
Release dates United States : 08/10/2018
Belgium : 08/15/2018
France : 08/22/2018
France : 12/19/2018 (en DVD)
France : 12/22/2018 (en Blu-ray)
GenresHorror/Scary, Adventures
CountriesUnited States
Duration 01 h 54

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