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28 Days Later

28 Days Later

Directed by
in 2003

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28 Days Later :
Original title28 Days Later
Public Interdit au moins de 16 ans
Twitter @ugcdistribution @20thCFox_FR
Produced by
DistributorsFrance : Fox France, UGC
International : 20th Century Fox Film Corporation
Video : 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
PhotographyAnthony DOD MANTLE
Music Composer, ,
EditingChris GILL
Special effectsRichard CONWAY, Moving Picture Company MPC, Sam CONWAY, Mark WHITE, Bob HOLLOW, Tez PALMER, Andrew KELLY, Stephen PATON, Nigel NIXON
Set decoratorFanny TAYLOR
Costumes Rachael FLEMING
 Photo de 28 Days Later

Actors / Actresses
(Activiste), (Activiste), (Activiste), (Scientifique), (Jim), (Prêtre infecté), (Selena), (Mark), (Père de Jim), Emma HITCHING (Mère de Jim), Alexander DELAMERE (Mr. Bridges), Kim McGarrity (Fille de Mr. Bridges), Brendan GLEESON (Frank), Megan BURNS (Hannah), Justin Hackney (Enfant infecté), Luke MABLY (Privé Clifton), Stuart McQUARRIE (Sergeant Farrell), Ricci HARNETT (Corporal Mitchell), Leo BILL (Private Jones), Junior Laniyan (Privé Bell), Ray PANTHAKI (Privé Bedford), Christopher ECCLESTON (Major Henry West), Sanjay Rambaruth (Privé Davis), Marvin CAMPBELL (Mailer privé), Adrian Christopher (Infecté), Richard DWYER (Infecté), Nick Ewans (Infecté), Terry John (Infecté), Paul Kasey (Infecté), Sebastian KNAPP (Infecté), Nicholas James Lewis (Infecté), Jenni Lush (Infecté), Tristan MATTHIAE (Infecté), Jeffrey Rann (Infecté), Joelle Simpson (Infecté), Al STOKES (Infecté), Steen Young (Infecté)
Year in 2003
Release dates France : 05/28/2003
Canada : 06/27/2003
France : 01/14/2004 (en DVD)
France : 01/01/2005 (en DVD)
France : 09/01/2010 (en DVD)
France : 01/05/2011 (en Blu-ray)
CountriesUnited Kingdom
Duration 01 h 50

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28 Days Later : image 42381  
28 Days Later : image 42382  
28 Days Later : image 42383  
28 Days Later : image 316633  
28 Days Later : image 42375  
28 Days Later : image 42374  

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