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I, Tonya

I, Tonya

Directed by
in 2017

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I, Tonya :
Original titleI, Tonya
Other titles Belgique : I, Tonya
Twitter @MarsFilms
Producers, , , ,
Produced byLuckyChap Entertainment, Clubhouse Pictures
DistributorsFrance : Mars Distribution
PhotographyNicolas KARAKATSANIS
Music Composer
EditingTatiana S. RIEGEL
Special effects
Set decoratorJade HEALY
Costumes Jennifer JOHNSON
 Photo de I, Tonya

Actors / Actresses
(Tonya), (Jeff), (Lavona), (Diane Rawlinson), Paul Walter Hauser (Shawn), (Martin Maddox), Maizie Smith (Tonya - 3 ans 1/2), (Tonya - 8/12 ans), (Nancy Kerrigan), Bojana NOVAKOVIC (Dody Teachman), Ricky Russert (Shane Stant)
Year in 2017
Release dates France : 21/02/2018
Belgium : 21/02/2018
CountriesUnited States
Duration 02 h 01

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Poster I, Tonya 547014 
poster  I, Tonya 547015 

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wallpaper  I, Tonya 551706 
wallpaper  I, Tonya 551707 
wallpaper  I, Tonya 551708 
wallpaper  I, Tonya 551709 
wallpaper  I, Tonya 551710 

Videos / Sounds

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I, Tonya : image 606200  
I, Tonya : image 606212  
I, Tonya : image 606211  
I, Tonya : image 606210  
I, Tonya : image 606209  
I, Tonya : image 606208  
I, Tonya : image 606207  
I, Tonya : image 606206  
I, Tonya : image 606205  
I, Tonya : image 606204  
I, Tonya : image 606203  
I, Tonya : image 606202  

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