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Devil's knot

Devil's knotnote

Directed by
in 2013

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Devil's knot :

Original titleDevil's knot
Other titles Canada : Noeud du diable
FormatsColor - Digital (Camera Arri Alexa - Panavision Lenses) - 2.35:1 / DTS - Dolby Digital
PublicNot for under 10 years old
Authors Mara LEVERITT (livre 'Devil's Knot: The True Story of the West Memphis Three', USA, 2002 / 'Les 3 crimes de West Memphis', Archipel, 2015)
Producers, , , ,
Produced by
DistributorsFrance : inédit en salles en France

International : Image Entertainment
Video : Rimini Editions
Music Composer, Dan PARR (orchestrations), Adam KLEMENS (direction d'orchestre), The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (Mychael DANNA-guitare-piano, Ron KORB-flûte, Chris VERRETTE-violon)
 Photo de Devil's knot
Actors / Actresses
(Pam Hobbs), (Ron Lax), (Terry Hobbs), James Hamrick (Damien Echols), (Jason Baldwin), (Jessie Misskelley), (Margaret Lax), (Détective Bryan Ridge), (Glori Shettles), Rex LINN (Chef Inspecteur Gitchell), Bruce GREENWOOD (Juge Burnett), Kristoffer POLAHA (Val Price), Matt LETSCHER (Paul Ford), Michael GLADIS (Dan Stidham), Stephen MOYER (John Fogleman), Martin HENDERSON (Brent Davis), Ted Huckabee (Steve Jones), Elias KOTEAS (Jerry Driver), Dane DEHAAN (Chris Morgan), Kerry CAHILL (Jo Lynn) 
Year in 2013
Release dates United States : 05/09/2014
France : 10/07/2014 (en Blu-ray)
France : 10/07/2014 (en DVD)
CountriesUnited States
Duration 01 h 55

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