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Three Days to kill

Three Days to killnote

Directed by
in 2014

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Three Days to kill : A secret agent discovers he is about to die. He wants to get closer to his family, especially his daughter. It is for this reason that he will accept one last mission of his service, in exchange for which a drug will be tested on his person. Without knowing if he will eventually heal, he finds himself having to juggle between his dangerous work, his family problems and hallucinations caused by his shock treatment.

Original titleThree Days to kill
FormatsColor - 2.35 : 1
Twitter @EuropaCorp @luc_besson
Producers, , , , , ,
Produced by3DTK, , ,
DistributorsFrance : EuropaCorp Distribution
Music Composer
 Photo de Three Days to kill
Actors / Actresses
(Ethan Renner), (Vivi Delay), (Zooey Renner), (Christine Renner), Tómas LEMARQUIS (The Albino), (The Wolf), (Mitat Yilmaz), (Guido), (Hugh), Eriq EBOUANEY (Jules), Joakhim Sigue (Abbate), Alison Valence (Sumia), BIG JOHN (Louis), Michaël VANDER-MEIREN (Jacques), Paolo Calia (JPG vendeur), Éric NAGGAR (Procureur), Alexis Jacquin (Jeune homme), Frederick Malahieude (Homme occupé), Patty HANNOCK (Principal Scolaire), Marie GUILLARD (La femme de Mitat) 
Year in 2014
Release dates Belgium : 02/19/2014
United States : 02/21/2014
France : 03/19/2014
France : 07/23/2014 (en DVD)
France : 07/23/2014 (en Blu-ray)
CountriesUnited States
Duration 01 h 57
01 h 41 (version TW)
02 h 03 (Longue)

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Three Days to kill : image 493302  Three Days to kill : image 493303  Three Days to kill : image 493304  Three Days to kill : image 493305  

Images © Photo : julian Torres © 2013 – 3DTK INC
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