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Cold Pursuit

Cold Pursuitnote

Directed by
in 2018

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Cold Pursuit : Welcome to Kehoe, Colorado's luxury ski resort. The local police are not really in demand until the day when the son of a snowplow driver, Nels Coxman, is murdered on the order of Viking, a drug lord. Armed with relentless rage and heavy artillery, Nels began dismantling the Viking cartel. His quest for justice will quickly turn into a ruthless revenge. As Viking's associates "disappear" one after the other, Nels moves from a model citizen to a cool-headed vigilante, who lets nothing - or anyone - get in his way.

Original titleCold Pursuit
Twitter @StudioCanal
WritersFrank Baldwin
Authors From the book by Kim Fupz Aakeson
Producers, , , Ameet Shukla
Produced by
DistributorsFrance : StudioCanal
Music Composer
 Photo de Cold Pursuit
Actors / Actresses
(Nels Coxman), (Thorpe), (Detective Osgard), (White Bull), (Kim Dash), Grace Coxman), (Gip), (Viking), (Mustang), Ben HOLLINGSWORTH (Dexter), Julia JONES (Aya), Gus HALPER (Bone), Michael EKLUND (Speedo), Bradley STRICKER (Limbo), Micheal RICHARDSON (Kyle Cosman)
Year in 2018
Release dates United States : 02/08/2019
France : 02/27/2019
Belgium : 02/27/2019
GenresThriller, Action
CountriesUnited Kingdom
Duration 01 h 59

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