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High Life

High Life

Directed by
in 2018

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High Life :
Original titleHigh Life
FormatsCouleur - 1.66 - 5.1
Twitter @WildBunch
ProducersAndrew Lauren, D.J. Gugenheim, , Christophe Friedel, , , , Klaudia Smieja
Produced by, , The Apocalypse Film Company,
DistributorsFrance : Wild Bunch Distribution
PhotographyYorick Le SAUX
Music Composer
EditingGuy LECORNE
Special effectsPierre BUFFIN
Set decoratorBertram STRAUß
Costumes Judy SHREWSBURY
 P  X   

Actors / Actresses
(Monte), (Dibs), (Tcherny), (Boyse), (Nansen), (Chandra), (Mink), (Ettore), Gloria Obianyo (Elektra), Scarlett Lindsey (Willow bébé), Jessie Ross (Willow), Victor BANERJEE (Professeur)
Year in 2018
Release dates France : 07/11/2018
GenresScience finction
United Kingdom
Duration 01 h 54

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High Life : image 632874  
High Life : image 632885  
High Life : image 632884  
High Life : image 632883  
High Life : image 632882  
High Life : image 632881  
High Life : image 632880  
High Life : image 632879  
High Life : image 632878  
High Life : image 632877  
High Life : image 632876  
High Life : image 632875  

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