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Blade runner 2049

Blade runner 2049note

Directed by
in 2017

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Blade runner 2049 :
In 2049, society is weakened by the many tensions between humans and their slaves created by bioengineering. Officer K is a Blade Runner: he is part of an elite force of intervention to find and eliminate those who do not obey the orders of the humans. When he discovers a secret that has been buried for a long time and is capable of changing the world, the highest authorities decide that it is in turn to be hunted down and eliminated. His only hope is to find Rick Deckard, a former Blade Runner who has been missing for decades ...

Original titleBlade runner 2049
FormatsColor - Digital - 2.39:1 et 1.90:1 (IMAX)
caméra Arri Alexa XT M - objectifs Zeiss Master Prime - ArriRaw 3.4K (source format) - Digital Intermediate 3.4K (master format) -
Dolby Vision - 70 mm
Dolby Atmos - Auro 11.1 - DTS - DTS: X IMAX 6-Track (IMAX)
Twitter @ColumbiaPictures @warnerbrosfr @SonyPicturesFr
Writershistoire originale et scénario : ,
scénario :
Authors Philip K. DICK (univers et personnages de la nouvelle Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?)
Producersproducteurs : , , Yorkin, ,
producteurs délégués : Yale Badik, , Tim Gamble, , Val Hill, Ridley SCOTT,
coproducteurs : Dana Belcastro, Carl Rogers, Steven P. WEGNER,
coproducteurs délégués : Asa Greenberg, Ian McGloin,
producteur associé : Donald Sparks
Produced by16:14 Entertainment, , , , Thunderbird Films, Torridon Films,
DistributorsFrance : Sony Pictures Releasing France
International : Warner Bros.
Video : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Music Composer,
 Photo de Blade runner 2049
Actors / Actresses
(officier K), (Rick Deckard), (Joi), (lieutenant Joshi), (Neander Wallace), (Luv), (Mariette), David Bautista (Sapper Morton), (Dr Ana Stelline), Lennie JAMES (M. Cotton), Hiam ABBASS (Freysa), Barkhad ABDI (Doc Badger), Tómas LEMARQUIS (l'employé de Luv), Edward James OLMOS (Gaff), Wood HARRIS (Nandez), David DASTMALCHIAN (Coco), Mark ARNOLD (Interviewer), Vilma Szécsi (vieille femme en colère), Tómas Lemarquis (réceptionniste), Sallie Harmsen (une replicante) 
Year in 2017
Release dates France : 10/04/2017
Belgium : 10/04/2017
France : 02/14/2018 (en DVD, DVD + Digital UltraViolet)
France : 02/14/2018 (en Blu-ray)
GenresScience finction, Thriller, Film noir
CountriesUnited States
Duration 02 h 44

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