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Pet Sematary

Pet Sematarynote

Directed by ,
in 2018

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Pet Sematary : Dr. Louis Creed, his wife Rachel and their two young children leave Boston to settle in rural Maine. Near his house, the doctor discovers a mysterious cemetery hidden in the woods. Shortly thereafter, a tragedy falls on him. Creed then seeks the help of a strange neighbor, Jud Crandall (John Lithgow). Without knowing it, it has triggered a series of tragic events that will give rise to formidable evil forces.

Original titlePet Sematary
Other titles Canada : Cimetière vivant
FormatsColor - 2.39:1
Caméras Arri Alexa SXT Plus et Arri Alexa Mini - Objectifs Hawk V-Lite Anamorphic Lenses
Son : SDDS - Dolby Digital - Dolby Atmos - DTS (DTS: X)
PublicNot for under 12 years old
Twitter @Paramountfr
Authors Stephen KING (roman Pet Sematary, USA, Doubleday,1983 / Simetierre, Albin Michel,1985)
Producers, ,
Produced by, ,
DistributorsFrance : Paramount Pictures
International :
USA : Paramount Pictures,
Belgique : Sony Pictures Releasing
Music Composer,
Chanson Pet Sematary écrite par Dee Dee RAMONE et Daniel REY, interprétée par STARCRAWLER,
Extrait de Casse-Noisette composé par Piotr Ilitch TCHAÏKOVSKI
 Photo de Pet Sematary
Actors / Actresses
(Louis), (Rachel), (Jud), (Ellie), Hugo Lavoie, Lucas Lavoie (Gage Creed), Obssa Ahmed (Victor Pascow), Alyssa Brooke Levine (Zelda), (Marcella), Frank SCHORPION (le père de Rachel), Linda E. SMITH (la mère de Rachel), Sonia Maria Chirila (Rachel jeune), Naomi JEAN (étudiante bouleversée), Suzi Stingl (Norma), Kelly LEE (infirmière Kelly), Nina LAUREN (infirmière Nina), Alison O'Donnell (invitée), Raphaël Laporte (invité), Simon Pelletier-Gilbert (invité), Ines Feghouli Bozon (enfant Halloween 1) 
Year in 2018
Release dates United States : 04/05/2019
Canada : 04/05/2019
Belgium : 04/10/2019
France : 04/10/2019
France : 08/21/2019 (en DVD)
CountriesUnited States
Duration 01 h 41

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