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Casino Royale

Casino Royalenote

Directed by
in 2005

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Casino Royale :

Original titleCasino Royale
FormatsColor - Dolby Digital | SDDS | DTS
PublicEveryone with warning for sensible persons
Twitter @ColumbiaPictures
Writers, ,
Authors From the book by Ian FLEMING
Produced byBabelsberg Film, , ,
DistributorsFrance : Gaumont, Columbia TriStar Films, Gaumont Distribution
International : Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE)
Music Composer,
 Photo de Casino Royale
Actors / Actresses
(James Bond), ("M"), (Vesper Lynd), (Le Chiffre), (Felix Leiter), (Rene Mathis), (Solange), (Alex Dimitrios), (Steven Obanno), Jesper CHRISTENSEN (Mr. White), Ivana MILICEVIC (Valenka), Tobias MENZIES (Villiers), Claudio SANTAMARIA (Carlos), Sebastien FOUCAN (Mollaka), Malcolm SINCLAIR (Dryden), Richard SAMMEL (Adolph Gettler), Ludger PISTOR (Mendel), Joseph MILLSON (Carter), Daud SHAH (Fisher), Clemens SCHICK (Kratt) 
Year in 2005
Release dates United States : 11/17/2006
France : 11/22/2006
France : 05/23/2007 (en Blu-ray)
France : 05/23/2007 (en DVD, Édition Collector Limitée)
France : 10/22/2008 (en DVD, Édition Collector)
France : 10/10/2012 (en DVD, Édition Simple)
France : 10/10/2012 (en Blu-ray)
CountriesUnited States
United Kingdom
République tchèque
Duration 02 h 20

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Casino Royale
cover for Casino royale
Casino royale
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