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Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl

Directed by
in 2019

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Artemis Fowl : Descended from a long lineage of criminals, the young and wealthy Artemis Fowl ?? 12 years old and already endowed with an intelligence out of the ordinary ?? is about to deliver a tough fight against the Fairy People, powerful and mysterious creatures who live in an underworld and who may well be the cause of the death of his father 2 years ago. To carry on his fight, he will have to call on all his strength and his devilish ingenuity, even to take hostage Captain Holly Short - an elf known for his bravery - and redeem him for a ransom of gold. For the dwarf gaffeur and kleptoman Mulch Diggums ?? who will try everything to help Holly ?? and the commander Root, head of F.A.R.F.A.DET (Armed Forces of Regulation and Fairies of Air of DETection, the department of recognition of the font of the fairies), the part announces more than tight ??
Original titleArtemis Fowl
FormatsCouleur - 2.39 : 1
Authors From the book by Eoin Colfer
Produced by,
DistributorsFrance : The Walt Disney Company France
PhotographyHaris ZAMBARLOUKOS
Music Composer
EditingMartin WALSH
Special effects
Set decoratorJim CLAY
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Actors / Actresses
Ferdia Shaw (Artemis Fowl), Lara McDonnell (Capitaine Holly Short), (Commandante Root), (Mulch Diggums), (Butler), Tamara Smart (Juliette)
Year in 2019
Release dates United States : 08/09/2019
France : 08/14/2019
GenresAdventures, Fantastic
CountriesUnited States
Duration 00 h 00

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