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2 Guns

2 Gunsnote

Directed by
in 2013

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2 Guns : Two competing secret service agents are forced to flee together, without anyone knowing that the other is an undercover federal agent. It's against the fact that DEA's agent Bobby Trench and Inspector Marcus Stigman of Naval Intelligence have not been off the ground for a year. Working undercover for a drug cartel, everyone is suspicious of the other as criminals that they have both been tasked to bring down. When their attempt to infiltrate a Mexican cartel and recover millions goes wrong, Trench and Stigman are suddenly disowned by their superiors. Now that everyone wants them in prison or on the ground, they can only count on one another. But to play the bad guys too much, we take some bad habits.

Original title2 Guns
Other titles Canada : Quitte ou Double
FormatsColor - 2.35 scope - Dolby Digital - DATASAT - SDDS
Twitter @SonyPicturesFr @UniversalFR
Authors D'après le comic de Steven GRANT
Producers (producteur exécutif), , , , , , , ,
Produced by, , , ,
DistributorsFrance : Sony Pictures Releasing France
International : Universal Pictures
Music Composer
 Photo de 2 Guns
Actors / Actresses
(Bobby), (Stig), (Deb), (Earl), (Amiral Tuwey), (Quince), (Papi Greco), (Jessup), (Chef Lucas), Patrick FISCHLER (Docteur Ken), Derek SOLORSANO (Ferret Nose Julio), Edgar ARREOLA (Rudy, un homme de Papi), Kyle Russell CLEMENTS (Teemo), Matthew COOK (Thick), Timothy BELL (Lean), Tait FLETCHER (Mini), Jesus PAYAN Jr. (Roughneck), Azure PARSONS (La serveuse Maggie), John McCONNELL (Officier Dave) 
Year in 2013
Release dates United States : 08/02/2013
France : 09/25/2013
Belgium : 09/25/2013
France : 12/17/2013 (en DVD)
France : 02/05/2014 (en DVD, DVD + Copie digitale)
France : 02/05/2014 (en Blu-ray, Blu-ray + Copie digitale)
France : 01/02/2017 (en DVD)
CountriesUnited States
Duration 01 h 48

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